Alternative Ways To Keep Up To Date With Current Affairs

Let’s face it, keeping up to date with all the latest news and current affairs can be difficult and can end up being a full time job! While traditional ways of checking up on the latest political and celebrity drama is still something that you can do on your commute to work via the radio or newspaper, there are other somewhat more alternative ways that you can stay informed. In an age where we are becoming more desensitised and impatient than ever, an alternative way of taking in current affairs can come as a welcome change!


Engage In Debates / Discussions At Work

A great way to get a better understanding and become more informed about current affairs is through getting involved in discussions and debates during lunch breaks at work about what people think with regards to the burning issues of the moment. Brexit, Donald Trump and Cheryl Cole’s baby – these are all subjects that are great to get chatting about as it offers a better insight into how people perceive certain situations based on their understanding which could, in turn, influence yours!


Play Games That Relate To Current Affairs

Few things can be more fun than keeping up to date with current affairs than being able to play a game. Some companies like Ladbrokes, for example, have created fun ways to stay up to date with the news through creating timely activities such as their Trump Whitehouse interactive game for you to participate in and learn a little more about politics at the same time. Quizzes and other entertaining forms of current affairs activities are also easily located across the web and are a great way to make the content you are hoping to learn about more easily digestible.


Attend A Protest

One of the most proactive ways to get up close and personal with current affairs and a way that you can actually create news yourself is through the attendance of protests and other local exhibitions/ demonstrations that resonate with your points of view.


Protests are rapidly becoming an excellent platform for people to share their opinions about current affairs and have proven to have an impact when it comes to making people pay attention and listen, particularly when it comes to political issues that many people feel very strongly about.


Take To Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram

There is still the newspapers and magazines of course but the great thing about our social media obsessed age is that we can easily access the latest news and information from around the world as it happens. Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram prove to be invaluable when it comes to sharing information in real time and also allows for the very rapid and personable news reactions too. Social media apps have meant that more and more young people are getting involved in keeping up to date with current affairs which is also having a major impact on the way they relate to and understand the world around them.



Regardless of which of our aforementioned ways you choose to keep up to date with current affairs, simply doing so can really influence the way you see and feel about the world around you and can give you a greater opportunity to have your voice heard.


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