What makes a good advert?

What makes a good TV advert? Let’s take a look the best TV adverts of 2014 so far and see what makes them such great adverts.

1. The Sunday Times Culture – Find Your New Favourite Things

This fast-paced advert is fun to watch and see the cultural references unfold, including Forest Gump, Mad Men, The Creation of Adam by Michealango and Daft Punk. The advert reflects the Sunday Time culture supplement’s four focusses: music, film, art and television. Very simple, but very clever. It’s an advert that people will want to watch more than once to spot all the references.

2. KIA – KIA Cee’d Reviews and Recommendations

A good advert is interesting enough to keep viewers watching but should also give out important information. The new KIA advert achieves this by using the interesting idea of animated post-it notes to entertain, whilst at the same time a voice-over explains what customers have said about the KIA cee’d and why it is a good product.


3. Motors.co.uk- Carousel Carfuffle

Like the KIA advert, Carousel Carfuffle mixes entertainment with an informative voice-over. The advert is memorable because of the dream sequence on the carousel, but there’s no point in an advert being memorable if people don’t remember what was being advertised, so the voice-over explains in clear language what Motors.co.uk is and why people should use it.

4. Reed.co.uk- Finance Controller

This advert is very visual- a bored looking lady working in an office is suddenly transformed by ‘Captain Reed’ into a financial controller, sitting on a pile of cash. This image is likely to stay with people and they will associate reed.co.uk with transforming people’s lives by helping them find new jobs. It’s quick, funny and to the point.

5. Lactofree – Lactose intolerant hedgehogs

Cute animals are very popular at the moment and the internet is awash with videos of puppies and kittens doing adorable things. So it was a smart move of Lacto free to jump on the bandwagon with an advert featuring tiny hedgehogs! The ads feature real hedgehogs, in cute situations such as camping and eating dinner in a restaurant. The cuteness of the animals will get people talking about the advert, but they will also remember the point of the advert because it is repeated again and again: people (and hedgehogs) who are lactose-intolerant can enjoy food like butter and pizza using Lacto free products. Very memorable and entertaining.

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