What to Think About When Renovating Your Home


Renovating your home is an exceedingly exciting project to get underway, and for a number of reasons too. Giving your home the fresh start it deserves is a reward unto itself, while the renovation can also give you key opportunities to make quality-of-life improvements that you most definitely deserve.

If you are one of the near-50% of homeowners gearing up to start a major renovation project this year, you might be a little trepidatious as to where exactly to start. There are some key considerations for you to bear in mind as you start fleshing out your renovation plans, which can help you create an equitable plan and a better end product; what are they?


All renovation projects must necessarily start with some thinking about money. It is unavoidable that renovating your home will attract costs, even if you have the best intentions of doing everything DIY. As such, you should first take stock of any money you might have available to put towards your renovation project – and also think carefully about the key costs involved in various larger steps of your project. For example, plumbing and electrical work will need to be conducted by licensed professionals – and labour costs are not especially low.

Project Timeframe

You should also give some time to consider the ideal length and timeframe for your renovation project. It is all well and good to get stuck into developing your home, but without a clear chart to measure progress against, you could easily find yourself still chipping away at little bits years down the line. Defining the time limits of your project allows you to focus and prioritise, with positive results for your home and your enjoyment thereof.



The most exciting part of planning your renovation works is settling on the aesthetic thrust of your efforts. What do you want your home to look like, and how do you intend to get there? There are myriad major decisions to make here, from the best paint colours for your living space walls to your ideal design of a feature wall in the master bedroom.

Aesthetic considerations don’t stop here, though. There are also many smaller and more subtle decisions you’ll need to make, all of which add up to make your home feel perfect. Even your radiators could be chosen to match the aesthetics of your rooms!


Adding Value

Finally, it is important to acknowledge that renovating your home is also an exercise in improving its value. Whether you are already bearing this in mind or simply renovating for you, it is a fact that whatever you do will have an impact on the market value of your home. Even if you don’t intend to sell up any time soon, you could make some changes that are guaranteed to increase its value, giving you better prospects on the property market in the longer term.

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