Cool Crop Circles Pictures

Showcasing cool pictures of amazing crop circles from around the world. Some of the best and most well known crop circles pictures have been created in England by a group called the Circle Makers. They should call it 'crop art' rather than 'crop circles' because many are much more complex than simple circles. Crop circles have been found across the world and many are still unexplained with UFO / alien stories bringing an air of mystery to these masterpieces. Here's a selection of the coolest crop art from around the world.

Possibly the most famous crop circle of all, and featured on the Led Zeppelin album cover.


  1. Consider the possibility that crop circles are not messages from aliens to mankind, but messages from aliens to other aliens.


  2. "Alien" to "alien" conversation, or signposts? Perhaps a discussion of magnetic energy, and the physics of harnessing magnetic energy? Perhaps the "aliens" were here, first? Whomever they are talking to, understands their code.
    The crop circles are cut by some red light balls, and are radiated. I wouldn't recommend walking around in the middle of that radiation. That energy that you feel, may not be any more healthy for you, as it was for the plants that made the basis for the crop circle.
    Just don't assume that this has anything to do with humans, as humans are too stupid to figure it out.


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