10 Amazing Cruise Destinations

Cruise holidays are as popular as ever with amazing locations being added each year including these following 10 locations.


For nature lovers, a cruise to Antarctica is an awe inspiring experience where passengers can see penguin colonies, calving icebergs and soaring glacier cliffs.

Best Time to go: From mid December to late February as the sea and weather is best then. Cruise ships don’t operate from April to October during the harsh Antarctic winter.



Another once in a lifetime destination to explore the same remote islands that Charles Darwin observed unique wildlife that supported his evolution theory.

Best Time to go: Anytime from mid April to mid May with lovely warm sunny weather and calm seas.


Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand have become new exotic hotspots in recent years as some cruise lines have added expeditions to cruise . These areas are also full of exotic native animals, such as kangaroos and iguanas. These opportunities are mostly only offered in Australia with cruises from Sydney. New Zealand is more of a shopping and relaxation port known for its awe inspiring landscapes. The two countries are usually offered together in one cruise, so travellers can experience “the best of both worlds.”

Best Time to go: December through to February is the warmest and most lively time of year in Australia and New Zealand according to Lonely Planet. However Frommer’s suggest visiting during the autumn shoulder season of March and April to take advantage of the moderately warm climate and the relatively small number of tourist crowds. So it depends what you’re after, busy and hot or quiet and warm!

New Zealand

South Pacific

Cruise destinations in the South Pacific include lush tropical paradises like the islands of Bora Bora in French Polynesia and Moorea.

Best Time to go: For Bora Bora, their summer months run from November through to March but these are the wettest months with high humidify. The best time for weather with the least risk of storms is in the Winter months from April to October.


Bora Bora


Alaska has always been top of our bucket list. Imagine quietly sailing past glaciers, fjords and snow-capped jagged peaks, with amazing photographic opportunities around every corner.

Best time to go: June to August are the warmest months and June offers longer daylight for sightseeing.


Fjords of Norway

The Fjords have been popular with cruise holidays for many years now but never fail to impress. The Fjords are jaw dropping spectacular natural wonders.

Best time to go: Like Alaska, June through to early August. Mid June you will experience the ice melting off the mountains with beautiful waterfalls. July has 23 hours of sunlight.



Cruise the trade winds with amazing trips between various Caribbean ports which are short in distance.

Best time to go: January and February when the weather is glorious. Mid-June to early December there is the threat of hurricanes during this period.

Hawaiian Islands

Voyagers view the dramatically cleaved, green-clad volcanic cliffs dropping down to the sea. Long ocean trip from the USA mainland.

Best time to go: There is never a bad time to go to Hawaii!  Hawaii itself is warm year-round and is divided into two basic seasons. The dry season takes place from April until October, with temperatures rising to the mid-80s in the daytime and dropping to the mid-70s at night. Rainfall is slight in the summer months, averaging half an inch from June through August. The wet season, from November until March, witnesses a steep increase in rainfall — three to four inches each month on average — although daytime highs stay in the mid-70s on average.


Mexican Riviera

Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta and other west coast ports of call along the Mexican Riviera come alive with strong margaritas and lively mariachi bands. Those who come to relax may find the scene hyper energetic.

Best time to go: November to April (drier, less humid and not quite as hot as the summer period).


Cayman Islands

From proud cliffs spouting waterfalls to bright white beaches and underwater reefs, the Cayman Island area is picture perfect. According to Info Barrel, one of the biggest draws is underwater snorkeling and scuba diving, as there are many shipwrecks nearby that divers can visit and there’s plenty of colorful tropical fish to see in the crystal clear waters.

Best time to go: The best time to go to the Cayman Islands is between May and July. The Islands are warm year-round, with average highs holding steady in the 80s. January and February are the coolest months with lows averaging in the low 70s. The rainy season is from May through about late October — though showers usually only last for a couple hours at a time. The islands’ location in the western part of the Caribbean shields them from being hit too hard by hurricanes.

Cayman Island


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