10 Best Destinations In The World According To Trip Advisor

In need of a little inspiration for a trip or holiday? My first port of call for anything travel related is always Trip Advisor for one simple reason – millions of real travellers use it! So if you’re out to try somewhere new and can’t quite decide where to set your sights, the people have spoken and chosen these following 10 destinations the 10 best to visit.

  1. Phuket, Thailand

The dictionary definition of dynamic and desirable, the charms of Phuket range from crowded and chaotic Tuk-Tuk-packed streets to the most spectacular bays and beaches imaginable. Whether it’s tranquillity or total hedonism you’re looking for, you’ll find more than you could ever need right here.



  1. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is by a wide margin one of the most beautiful, atmospheric and generally enjoyable cities on the world. Incredible architecture, fabulous food and the kind of night-life that belies its sleepy daytime façade.



  1. Siem Reap, Cambodia

An unexpected entry to the list, the way Siem Reap has been developing over recent years is astonishing. The amenities are epic, the scenery astounding and to take in the sunrise over Angkor Wat is a life-changing experience.



  1. Barcelona, Spain

Playground of Gaudi and a youthful, vibrant local population, Barcelona has become a real contender for title of the real city that never sleeps. Beaches, bars and beautiful people by the boatload.



  1. Crete, Greece

The largest of the Greek islands and the perfect place to discover absolutely everything that makes Greece such a magical destination. Rich history, idyllic beach-life and the kind of local culture and cuisine that’s no less than intoxicating.




  1. New York, US

The self-professed ‘Greatest City in the World’ only managed to come in fifth this year, which isn’t bad considering the thousands of cities up for the gong. NYC is less a city and more an experience you can’t even begin to comprehend without actually going. Loud, brash busy and expensive, but worth every single penny and more!



  1. Rome, Italy

The Eternal City takes everything you think you know about style and sophistication to levels you never knew existed. It’s hard not to get swept away (I did, read my Rome weekend city break post) in the vibe of a city where art, history, architecture and a 24/7 café culture seem to be the only things that matter in life. Pisa almost made the list, best known for its iconic Leaning Tower and easy to get to from with Pisa Airport Transfers from Florence airport 40 miles distance.



  1. Paris, France

The key tourist attractions are one thing, but the real magic of Paris can only be experienced with no map, no sense of time and no planned destination. If anything, take a look at where the tourist mobs are headed and go the opposite way for the best the city has to offer.



  1. London, UK

Despite being considered the land of bland food and grim weather, the UK continues to score highly among global travellers. The single most multicultural and diverse city on the face of the Earth, a trip to London brings the kinds of delights you’d normally have to visit a dozen countries to enjoy.



  1. Bali, Indonesia

And finally, the number-one tourist destination in the world right now as voted by the people is Bali. This glorious island in Indonesia is all about unbridled adventure, exploration and the kind of blissful relaxation that transcends the Garden of Eden. Wonderful people, legendary nightlife and the kind of natural beauty that can (and often does) reduce first-time visitors to tears.



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