3 types of tomatoes you can grow at home

Whether you’re one of the 36% of Brits who already grow their herbs, fruit or vegetables or one of the 75% of Brits who plan on growing their produce this spring, we’re here to tell you why we believe tomatoes could be a great choice to add to your garden.

There are over 1,000 varieties of tomatoes to choose from with big, juicy options as well as dainty ones with punchy flavours, which means there’s usually a tomato plant out there for every gardener. However, knowing which one you should grow can be tough.

If you want to start growing tomatoes, then this is the guide for you. We’ll look at some of the best types you can grow at home, how to do it, and how to harvest, so you have all the information you need for successful growth, every time. Read on to find out more and become the tomato-growing champion in your neighbourhood.


Sungolds are a part of the yellow cherry variety and they’re straightforward to grow after you buy the tomato plant from a reputable supplier. These tomatoes are popular for the sweetness they offer and can be successfully grown in both warm and cooler summers.

You can grow Sungold tomatoes outdoors or in greenhouses and this variety likes plenty of sunlight and water. Once they’re ready to harvest, simply pick them off by the stalk and they can be consumed right away or stored in a cool, dry space for several days after.

San Marzano

Although San Marzano’s are plum tomatoes, they have a distinct shape that makes them unique to grow. These appear long and chunky, unlike the typical spherical shape you might expect a tomato to have. The name comes from a small town in Naples where they originate from but they also thrive in UK weather climates too.

This variety loves sunlight but doesn’t need as much water as the Sungold tomatoes. You may choose to grow them in a greenhouse too for some extra warmth to help them grow during cooler British summers.


These are huge tomatoes that come in a range of colours including red, orange, yellow, and pink. The impressive size of these tomatoes does mean they require a little more care while they grow, which means you’ll need to do the following:

  • Water the ground, not the leaves
  • Add fertiliser with no nitrogen after they’ve established
  • Stake the plants to keep them upright and prevent them from falling over

Once your tomatoes are ready to harvest, grab the stem and twist gently. The tomato should come away easily and will be ready to eat right away.


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