5 Cool Things To Do In Santorini This Summer

Santorini is one of the hottest destinations to travel to right now with plenty to do for everyone. This Greek island has everything from water sports to volcanos that you can explore if you fancy a bit of an adventure. Here, we have put together some of the cool things that you can do in Santorini this summer. We’ll talk you through everything from taking a trip to the volcano that created the island to staying in a luxury villa. Keep reading to find out more about this beautiful island.


Take A Trip To The Volcano

Did you know that Santorini was actually created when a volcano erupted many years ago? This makes this island pretty cool and what makes it better is the fact that you can actually visit that volcano when you go to Santorini. The volcano is perfectly safe to visit, and it hasn’t seen any sort of eruption since 1950 when the eruption was phreatic.

There are loads of boat tours that will take you right up to the volcano and let you see what it is like. You can even hike to the top of it if you fancy a bit of an adventure. Make sure to visit the Santorini volcano if you want to see what created this island all of those years ago.



Visit The Santo Winery

Due to the volcanic soil in Santorini, the wine there is really special and tastes amazing. This is why you should think about visiting the famous Santo Winery where you can taste all of the wines on offer. This can be a really good day out and is perfect for those who love their wine and want to taste the best of the best. You’ll even get some nibbles and a tour when you’re there which makes it a pretty cool activity. Don’t miss out on trying this wine when you visit Santorini in the summer – make sure to visit the Santo Winery on the island.

Stay In A Luxury Villa

There is lots to do in Santorini but one of the best things that you can do is to actually spend a day in privacy in your own luxury villa in Santorini. These villas come with a private pool and some views that you won’t find anywhere else on the island. While this is not the most adventurous activity, it can give you some time to relax in the beautiful weather and throw a bit of luxury into your trip. Make sure to have a look at the luxury villas that you can stay in here: https://www.bluevillascollection.com/santorini


Go On A Boat Trip

Another really cool thing that you can do in Santorini this summer is to go on a boat trip. This is not a very big island so you can sail around it in a relatively short space of time. The other Greek islands are nearby as well so you could even do some island hopping if you have some spare time and want to experience a bit more of the Greek culture. You should be able to find details of the boat trips at the beach where plenty of locals will be advertising their boat trips. You’ll have a great day and get to see parts of Santorini that you might not be able to otherwise.


Explore Fira

When you visit Santorini, you’ll want to see everything that it has to offer. This is why you need to think about taking a trip to Fira which is the capital city of the island. This beautiful city has a lot to offer in terms of the aesthetic and the general activities that you can enjoy. You’ll love seeing the white and blue houses up close and exploring the Archaeological Museum Of Thera when you’re there. You can also go shopping in some of the local stores and get some souvenirs or local fashion. We highly recommended that you put Fira on your list for when you visit Santorini in the summer if you want to experience something old but cool at the same time.

Final Verdict

Many people visit Santorini just to sit in the sun and relax all day but if you want to truly experience this island then you should try out some of the things on our list. Think about visiting the capital city of Fira if you aren’t already staying there and take a trip to the volcano. We also recommend staying in a luxury villa to get a taste of the high life and be comfortable during your trip.

Visit Santorini this summer and have the experience of a lifetime. You’ll love all of the cool things that there is to do on this Greek island.

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