4 Awesome Road Trip Tips

The open road, home of a hundred thousand arguments. But also one of the best places to have a holiday. We’re talking about road trips. How exhilarating and delightfully exhausting they can be. Making stupid jokes about the things you see. Stopping off at places where the people are just a little weirder. Catching some genuinely beautiful sights. It’s all a great way to travel with friends. So how do you make sure it’s even more awesome? By following the tips below, of course.



Know where the heck you’re going

At some point on the road trip, there is going to be a bit of bickering. No escaping that. But by all means, make sure it isn’t about which route you’re taking. Even those who’ve never had that argument are sick of it by now. Get things all planned out before you go and take a GPS or app with you. Feel free to explore, by any means….Pokemon Go if you have to 🙂 Just make sure you can get back to your next stop and argue about meaningful things. Like what kind of food to stop for.



Take everything but the kitchen sink

Road trips are all about adventure. About dealing with new and interesting scenarios. Going further than you would usually. So make sure that you’re actually prepared to go there. If you want to head up beyond the highlands, make sure you have the right clothes to keep you warm. Or something a bit looser if you’re heading south. If you’re going camping, make sure you got the tools for that. You don’t want to miss out on those kinds of experiences by simply failing to pack for them.




Dealing with trouble

As much you want, there are sometimes you can’t avoid a bit of trouble. So just accept it all as part of the package. But make sure you prepare for it as well. Take an emergency kit so you can easily get off the road. Have a switched off phone lying in the glove compartment so you’re in no risk of running out of battery when you need help. If you need to make a car accident compensation claim, you need to actually be able to talk to someone, right?



Keep it fun

The arguments and road bumps are all worth it, however. That is, so long as you make sure to keep it fun. Don’t let just one person drive the whole way. Circulate and delegate responsibilities. Keep someone in charge of keeping music going. Or overseeing what stupid games you might want to play on the road. Like a game of ‘take the worst road trip photo you can’. It’s supposed to be fun, so if the mood starts getting a bit sour, change the pace. Make a sudden stop or start a game that’s going to perk everyone up.



We hope the tips above help. Don’t worry if something goes wrong now and then. It’s a road trip, so road bumps are expected. Just take it all in as part of the trip.


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