Grooming Tips for Regular Guys

As a regular guy, you’re probably not on first name basis with your local beauty salon employees. In fact, I’d hazard a guess that the thought of stepping foot into a beauty salon (especially when the words back, sack and crack are used in the same sentence) brings you out in a cold sweat. Male beauty, ‘manscaping’ and metrosexuality are all growing in popularity, but there’s no need to fret if that’s just not you. You can stay looking sharp and feeling good by following these hassle-free tips.

Keep your facial hair in check

Nothing says ‘hobo’ quite like unkempt facial hair, and so even if you’re a casual kinda guy you’re going to want to keep it in check. A bit of a trim in the morning will tidy up a beard or moustache nicely. If you prefer to stay clean shaven, then a good quality razor and a simple (but vigilant) pre and post shaving routine is a must. A wash beforehand with warm water will loosen your pores making shaving easier and more comfortable, and moisturising balm afterwards will soothe and replenish skin. If dull razors are the bane of your mornings, try signing up for a shaving subscription and have new blades regularly delivered to your door.


Don’t forget about eyebrows, nose and ears

If you’re currently rocking a crazy monobrow it’s time to dust off those tweezers. Don’t panic you don’t need to do anything drastic and start shaping them, simply yank out the ones in the middle. There’s no denying that two brows are better than one! Unruly nose and ear hair is grim and enough to scare the kids, you can easily tackle it with a trimmer. They’re not expensive to buy, and are a quick and painless method to keep everything under control.



Keep Crows Feet at Bay

Moisturising after a shower takes seconds; it alleviates that uncomfortable tight skin feeling that can come after washing your face, and also prevents premature aging. You might be happy to grow old gracefully and embrace your rugged wrinkles, but let’s face it no one wants to look years older than their actual age. This is an easy step that will make a real difference if you stick with it. If you get a moisturiser with an added SPF, you’ll kill two birds with one stone. You pay attention to what you wear and dress well, and so why would you neglect your skin?

Get an Easy to Maintain Haircut


If you go for a style that looks good even when it’s little grown out, your appearance won’t go to the dogs between cuts. A simple style that’s quick for the barber to do will mean you’re not spending hours of your life sat in the chair. Find a hair product that’s comfortable to wear and easy to use, and you’ll be able to do your hair and dash out the door in the mornings with no messing around.


Find Products That Work For You

Having a small yet carefully selected arsenal of products is a great way to ensure you stay looking fresh. Look for things that are targeted to your skin and hair type for the best results. You don’t need to spend a fortune but don’t skimp too much either, once you’ve found things that work for you getting ready and looking your best will be quick and easy.


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