Things to keep in mind when planning your wedding

Tips for planning a wedding

A wedding planner plays a vital role in orchestrating a successful and stress-free wedding. Their expertise, experience, and industry connections are invaluable assets that contribute to a seamless and memorable event. With their knowledge of the latest trends, venues, and vendors such as wedding photographers, videographers, florists, makeup and hair, cake etc, wedding planners can transform a couple’s vision into a reality.

Wedding planners excel in time and stress management, allowing couples to enjoy their engagement period without getting overwhelmed by the numerous tasks and details involved in wedding planning. They handle everything from budget management and vendor coordination to timeline creation and logistics, ensuring that every element falls into place flawlessly.

Furthermore, wedding planners are skilled negotiators who can secure the best deals and contracts with vendors, helping couples stay within their budget while still achieving their dream wedding. Their vast network of industry professionals enables them to select reliable and reputable vendors who align with the couple’s preferences and style. Overall a luxury wedding planner brings peace of mind, organisation, and creativity to the wedding planning process. They are the trusted advisors who transform the couple’s vision into a remarkable celebration, allowing them to cherish each moment of their special day.


Things to keep in mind when planning your wedding


When planning a wedding, there are several key considerations to remember. First and foremost is the budget, which will dictate the scale and scope of the event. Setting a realistic budget and allocating funds to different aspects such as wedding venue, catering, decor, attire and entertainment is important.

Guest List

Another crucial consideration is the guest list. Determining the number of attendees will influence the choice of venue and help estimate costs more accurately.

Wedding Date

The date of your wedding is significant so you will need to consider the availability of wedding venues, key suppliers and of course your family and friends. For example, if some of your bridesmaids or groomsmen are teachers, they will be restricted to availability at the weekend or school holidays.

Wedding Photographer

A wedding photographer also needs to be chosen and booked and they will be one of the most important suppliers that you book for your wedding because after your wedding is over and all the expenses paid, the one tangible thing you will get to keep (apart from each other and your wedding rings of course!) is the images telling the story of that special day, images that bring all those amazing memories flooding back. It’s these images that will be looked at for decades, not just by yourselves but generations and therefore it’s imperative that you book the best photographer that you can. The top wedding photographers tend to get booked up well in advance, often a year before a wedding, so as soon as you know your wedding date you should look at enquiring with photographers at the earliest opportunity. Many wedding venues have recommended suppliers they will give you but also do your own research on Google and search for photographers that are based within the location of your wedding. For example if you’re getting married in the UK, Cornwall in the South West for example, there are award-winning wedding photographers such as Mark Shaw Photography who will capture your wedding celebrations with creative, candid, documentary storytelling wedding photography.

Wedding Photographer Cornwall
Image captured by Wedding Photographer Cornwall. UK. Worldwide – Mark Shaw Photography


Style & Theme

Style and theme are major in creating the desired ambience and atmosphere. Couples should discuss their preferences and envision their special day’s look and feel. Additionally, logistical factors like transportation, accommodations, and a contingency plan for unexpected circumstances should be considered. By considering these considerations, couples can plan a wedding that aligns with their vision and ensures a memorable and enjoyable experience.


Choosing a wedding planner

Hiring a wedding planner comes with many benefits that can greatly enhance the wedding planning and execution process. Firstly, a wedding planner brings invaluable expertise and experience to the table. They possess in-depth knowledge of the industry, trends, and best practices, which allows them to offer guidance, advice, and creative ideas that align with the couple’s vision. Their expertise helps streamline the planning process, saving time and reducing stress for the couple.

Additionally, wedding planners have established relationships with vendors, enabling them to source reliable professionals within the couple’s budget and style preferences. They handle vendor negotiations, contracts, and logistics, ensuring seamless coordination and execution on the wedding day. Wedding planners also excel in budget management, helping couples allocate funds wisely and avoid unnecessary expenses. Their meticulous attention to detail guarantees that no aspect of the wedding is overlooked. Ultimately, having a wedding planner allows couples to fully enjoy their engagement and wedding day, knowing that a trusted professional is taking care of all the intricate details.

Choosing a wedding planner is a significant decision that can make a difference in your wedding journey. Begin by evaluating their experience, reviewing their portfolio, and seeking client testimonials to gauge their expertise and style. Establish a personal connection during an initial consultation, ensuring effective communication and understanding.

Consider the range of services offered and their ability to manage your budget efficiently. Evaluate their vendor network, creativity, and ability to bring your vision to life. Confirm their availability and workload, and ensure their professionalism through detailed contracts. Careful consideration of these factors will help you choose a wedding planner who aligns with your vision, delivers exceptional results, and guides you effortlessly through the entire planning process.


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