5 Ways to Use Vehicle Advertising for Your Business

vehicle advertising

The secret to effective advertising is to make a great first impression. Among the multitude of print and digital advertising methods available for business owners in 2019, vehicle advertising has proved to be one of the most reliable strategies. Why? It’s cost-effective and leaves a lasting impression for your brand. In a recent survey by Cox Communications, 47% of participants found car advertising very memorable.

An ad placed on a vehicle that travels busy roads can be seen by up to a hundred thousand people a day, thereby reaching a wider audience at a lower cost than billboards, broadcasts, or print. Moreover, vehicle advertising is targeted because you’re advertising to your local market.

By putting your logo and contact information on your car, you turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard. Here are 5 ways to use vehicle advertising for your business.

1. Vehicle Wraps

Have you ever sat in traffic while waiting for traffic lights to clear and saw a vehicle with truly impressive graphics on the side of it? The kind that draws all the attention to your eyes making you want to see more.

Well, that’s the power of an exceptionally well-designed vehicle wrap.

Whether full or partial, vehicle wraps give business owners a large canvas to design effective, attention-grabbing mobile ads for their businesses. Vehicle wraps can include the name of the business, contacts, web address, company logo, testimonial or even a quote from the owner.

2. Number Plates

Vehicle advertising takes many forms, and plates advertising is very common, particularly in the UK.

You can order personalised plates for your car if you’re serious about vehicle advertising. This can include the name of your business, contacts, web address, or any other info that can enhance your business visibility.

This form of advertising is also cost effective as there are many reputable sites in the UK where you can find affordable number plates.

3. Custom Car Cover

Even when your car is packed, it can still be working to make you money, thanks to branded car covers.

A custom car cover is built with tough materials that protect your car from elements such as sun and falling debris. Besides protection, custom car covers go a long way towards promoting your business.

When your car cover is overprinted with your business logo, personal branding, or any other info that promotes your business, it can potentially bring in new customers even when your car is not moving.

4. Custom Magnet

If you prefer to drive an ads-free vehicle on occasions, a custom magnet is your best option.

A custom magnet is exactly what it sounds like; a big magnetic business card that can be affixed anywhere on the side or back of your car. This way, it can easily transform your car into an advertisement.

You can include your name, logo, contacts, or any other business info on the custom magnet. The magnet is removable so you can choose when to put it or remove it.

5. Bumper Stickers

Use of Stickers is a very common method of advertising and works great even on vehicles.

Most bumper stickers are about 30cm by 8cm and are usually attached to the bumper of an automobile, to be read by passers-by and occupants of other vehicles. They are very effective marketing tools especially when produced in bulk and attached to many vehicles.

Have you used any of these vehicle advertising methods? If so, what are your experiences? Let us know in the comments section below.



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