5 Things You Didn’t Know Could Get You Pulled Over

You may already know that you can get pulled over for equipment violations on your vehicle, and you probably start thinking, “Where can I find an auto parts store near me?” when you notice that you have a broken tail light or similar issue. However, problems that seem inconsequential to you can attract negative attention from law enforcement officers. Check your vehicle and your driving habits for these five issues now before they cause you to get pulled over by the police.


1. Obscured License Plate


Police and other drivers have to be able to read your license plate in case it is necessary to identify your vehicle. However, the numbers may be hidden behind overly large license plate covers or shrouded in darkness due to a malfunctioning license plate light. If a police officer can’t read your license plate number, you’re likely to get pulled over.


2. Driving Too Slowly


Even when minimum speed limits are not posted, if a police officer decides that your low speed is impeding traffic, you can be pulled over. You may think that driving slowly helps save gas or prolong your battery life, but if either of these are an issue, you’re better off asking knowledgeable acquaintances, “Where can I find a new car battery near me?”


3. Cracked Windshield or Overly Tinted Windows


Because visibility is so necessary to safe operation of a vehicle, anything that potentially reduces it could get you pulled over. This includes cracks in the windshield and excessive window tinting.


4. Squealing Tires


Typically, your tires aren’t supposed to make noise when accelerating. If they do, it serves as a noisy indication to law enforcement that you may not be driving safely.


5. Overloading Your Vehicle


The loads that you carry in your vehicle should not be larger than the cargo space you have available in which to carry them. If you need to move furniture, find a vehicle that’s large enough to hold it.


Break These Bad Habits


In addition to getting you pulled over, these behaviours may be bad for your vehicle parts as well. An auto parts rewards program can earn you credits on the purchase of replacements.

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