Road Trip Essentials

Over the next few days and weeks a lot of us will be off to visit our loved ones who live all over the country (and maybe even the globe!) which means we need to be well prepared for a long road trip. Before you head of on any kind of journey make sure your car is in tip top condition. Get your tyres and general car health checked to ensure you avoid any unexpected issues on the way. Once you know your car is in tip top condition make sure you’ve got yourself a checklist of all the things to remember to make your journey as pain-free as possible.


Water and Snacks

Packing plenty of water and snacks for your journey should mean you avoid having to stop and pay the extra high service station prices for a bottle of water and packet of crisps. Of course if the driver feels like they need a break then stopping is essential but avoid adding more cost to your journey by taking your own snacks and refreshments.


Extra Clothes

It’s always a good idea to pack a few extra layers especially during the winter months. The weather can take a turn for the worst at any time so make sure you’re prepared with a coat or extra jumper. It’s also handy to have a few more layers if you’re travelling through the night or just in case you get stranded on your way.


First Aid Kit

Make sure you’ve got a properly stocked first aid kit in your car just in case of any minor injuries. They’re also a good idea to have with you wherever you may be going, just to be on the safe side.


High Vis Vest

It gets dark awfully quickly in the winter months and a high vis vest can save a life if you break down on a dark road. Don’t take the risk this year and make sure you’ve got one in your boot.


Entertainment for the Kids

Long journeys can be a bit too much for young children sometimes. To keep the cries of “are we nearly there yet” at bay then make sure you remember enough entertainment for the kids. CD’s or talking books are always a winner as are tablets and handheld consoles (just make sure they’re fully charged!)


What are your essentials for a long journey?


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