Yorkshire Water using drones to spot leaks

As an eco-friendly family and tech geeks, we were really impressed to read about how Yorkshire Water are currently implementing new initiatives and technologies to protect our environment whilst improving services to its customers. As an advocate for aerial drones, I was really interested to find out how Yorkshire Water are using drones to manage its network. They are using aerial drones to help identify leaks on its underground pipe network in York and Rotherham. The drones (UAVs) fly along 30km of underground water pipes stretching from York to Rotherham and will be used to conduct topographical surveys and geo-locate hard to find assets such as inspection chambers, which will enable Yorkshire Water to spot leaks that it might not previously have known about.

According to data provided by Yorkshire Water, the company manages around 20,000 miles of water networks and 32,000 miles of sewer pipes. They are currently providing around 1.24 billion litres of drinking water to their 5 million customers every day, which is not as easy as it might sound. In order to show you exactly what Yorkshire Water is doing in order to keep homes and businesses supplied with water on tap and a sewerage system that is kind to the environment, they have come up with the #NotJustWater campaign to help customers get the most from their water provider. They are aiming to cut environmental damage from leaking sewer pipes by up to 40% and internal sewer leaks by 70%, this alone will have a positive effect on the local environment.

Not only are they trying to reduce the number of sewage escapes, they are also making sure that you know how to look after your home as best you can. This includes preventing blockages, how to make a difference yourself by learning how to save water and there is plenty of information for ensuring your home is winter ready to prevent pipework bursting during low temperatures.

Yorkshire Water also have some water saving eco-friendly advice on products such as using smart shower heads, garden rainwater collections, sensor taps, shower timers and dual flush toilets so by making a small change can make a difference!

Last but not least as we love a good infographic, Yorkshire Water have created an infographic below summarising their ambitions.

not just water infographic


Water is something most of us take for granted. We turn the tap or flush the toilet, simple. It was therefore interesting to find out actually how much that happens to get that water to us. Yorkshire Water is hoping to inform and educate its customers on the process of providing water and how they can help.


This post is brought to you in collaboration with Yorkshire Water


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