How to choose your first motorbike

To anyone that drives, it’s one of the best things that has ever happened to them. However, the most exciting part, aside from being on the road, is choosing your vehicle. Over the last decade, there’s been somewhat of a motorcycle boom in the UK, as many people switch from traditional cars to these two-wheeled beauties. While they may not be for everyone, it would seem that for many, the allure of a motorbike is just too appealing.

But, when it comes to choosing one, you may not be as clued up as when it comes to a car. That’s why we’ve highlighted several things you need to consider when choosing your first motorbike.



First things first, get the less appealing parts out of the way. There are more types of motorbike insurance out there than you realise, and knowing what you can and can’t afford will highly influence the type of bike that you get, along with your must-haves.



Just like with any type of vehicle, you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for. So, the important thing to do is make a list of height, engine size, seat height etc, which will help you to narrow down the type of motorcycle model you’ll be looking at. This will also help you to inform the dealers, as they’ll know what to show you off the bat, rather than walking you around vehicles you won’t be interested in.



Like most things, motorbikes aren’t a one size fits all vehicle. Although your must-haves will help you narrow the type of bike you’ll want, there are several categories to choose from, so knowing which is right for you is key. These are:


Sport Bikes

Light in weight and built for speed, these won’t provide the best comfort while you ride as the body will be placed in a more forward position, but will give you an absolute thrill as you drive.

sports motorbike



Designed for comfort and not speed, these are the opposite to sport bikes. Therefore the seats tend to be lower and the handlebars higher for a more relaxed ride.


Dual Sport

If you owned a dirt bike when you were younger, and you’re looking to replicate that thrill – this is the style of bike for you. Light but tough, you’ll be able to drive this on various terrains.



These are for anyone really and come in a range of sizes and styles, making them a good option for those who aren’t sure about what they’ll be using it for.


New or used

While new models are more expensive and in a better condition, you’ll also have more modern technology built-in, whereas used vehicles offer a lower cost and the option of your dream bike at a fraction of the typical cost, but could cost more in maintenance. However, this will fall into your budget, much like your insurance, so keep this in mind while searching for your bike.


While there may be other things to think about, if you get these four aspects nailed down before viewing bikes, you could be sitting on your dream motorcycle before you know it.


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