Looking for The Best Safety Gloves for Your Workers?

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A civilized working place is a safe working place. There’s no doubt about it. In many businesses, good quality safety gloves are therefore a must. If you want to equip your staff with proper gear, read our article. Everything you need to know is right below.

Professional cut resistant gloves

No matter what business you are in, fine protective gloves can save you a lot of trouble… and money. Even a tiny cut may result in a pause on the production line. In order to prevent this, it is an excellent idea to buy safety gloves with cut resistant capabilities. PU coated gloves are a good choice. They aren’t expensive, but offer great protection from basic injuries. They also provide grip. That’s important if manual handling is expected. And what about leather gloves?

Well, personal protective equipment made of leather has many properties too. It’s definitely a heavy-duty type of gloves, which are perfect for construction workers, for example, or sheet metal handling. They can also last for years if impregnated regularly. But leather safety gloves can be expensive. That’s their only drawback.

Work gloves for cold temperatures

Physical injuries at a workplace are something different from cold weather. Without a proper glove, cold handling duties won’t be performed properly. If you intend to ask your employees to visit a cold storage every now and then, better provide them with professional insulated gloves.

They can have cloth on the inside, which really keeps the hands warm for a reasonable time. On the outside, however, they should be coated with a sandy finish latex. Why? It is excellent for general handling of cold metal and other surfaces. You see, contact with warmer hands may cause a tiny layer of ice to melt, so the surface of an object becomes slippery. That’s why winter safety gloves should have that extra grip power.

Reliable heat resistant gloves

Obviously, a hot environment can be equally disturbing as too much cold. There is an extensive range of safety working gloves with heat resistance. It is crucial to determine the right temperature in order to buy the proper class of gear. There are certificates to consider in this department. They guaranty that safety gloves have been tested in accordance with the working environment they are supposed to be used in. Always check those certificates while buying gloves for welders or people working close to factory ovens.

Safety gloves for chemicals

There’s a huge range of chemical risks in all industries. From food handling to pharmacy – chemicals can do a lot of damage. Your employees must be equipped with proper safety gloves. Latex gloves can be excellent for cleaners at your firm. They provide high resistance to detergents, which is invaluable. On the other hand, we have vinyl gloves. What are they good for?

Disposable vinyl gloves have universal usage, but they are reliable enough that even medical professionals use them. Therefore, they are ideal for the food industry as well. They will also serve your field service workers when they have to touch something that might irritate their skin a bit. However, if you need safety gloves for acidic substances, get something more purpose-built.

Strong chemical resistant gloves also have proper certificates that allow you to know what they can be used for. Workers in a paint factory or a laboratory shouldn’t use cheap gloves made of vinyl. There are more suitable safety products for industrial purposes with dangerous chemicals at hand. Literally.


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