5 cool smart watches available to buy

Wearable and mobile gadgets seem to be the way forward, and smart watches are gaining a lot of attention from the media and public alike. With so many options emerging though it can be difficult to know which devices are truly wrist-worthy. So, with that in mind, we’ve searched high and low and came up with what we think are five of the best smart watches currently available on the market:

Pebble Steel Watch

The Pebble Steel is a stylish solution to wearable tech. Available in a range of designs, this chic little gadget can sync up to both iPhone and Android smartphones via Bluetooth to deliver notifications and call alerts to the user. The Pebble can also be personalised, giving you the potential to integrate your favourite apps as well as adapt the watch face display and internal coding.


Sony Smartwatch 2

Launched last year, The Sony Smartwatch was the first Android enabled device to be introduce to consumers. Not only does it look the part, but it is also allows you to effortlessly check on calls, emails and social media. The watch features exclusive Android apps so if you’re stuck on a busy commute back from work, you’ll never let a moment of boredom strike again.


Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch

Samsung’s sleek smart watch offering is the perfect smartphone companion. The slim and understated architecture of the Galaxy Gear proves that wearable technology can be fashionable, while its multi-functionality, allowing you to make calls, read emails and dictate text messages, proves that it can be every bit as practical as its competitors can too. It certainly is sitting pretty.


Sporting Lo-Fi graphics, the Metawatch delivers all the features any user could need. Compatible with the iPhone 4s or Android smartphones via Bluetooth, users can receive updates on their calls, emails, messages and appointments, as well as controlling their music playback. Additional features are also under development, so this simple little gadget could get a hell of a lot better.


Nike + GPS Sportwatch

Wearable gadgets have a world of potential for health applications, and the Nike + GPS Sportwatch is the clear-cut choice for fitness fanatics. Using TomTom data and the in-built Nike+ sensor accelerometer, the device tracks information on your runs, giving you valuable feedback on your time, pace and distance.

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