Cool outdoor gadget gift ideas for men

If you need to buy for a man that thinks of himself as ‘outdoorsy’, you can’t go wrong with some useful tech that will make his active pursuits either that bit easier or more fun to analyse. Forget slippers and socks this year – try one of the following ideas for the nature lover in your life.


Smart sports watch

If these reviews and Runners First magazine are anything to go by, smart sports watches are a must-have for anyone wanting to up their athletic performance. Giving real-time data that allows the wearer to see when they are in their maximum fat burn zone and with inbuilt GPS for easier navigation, they help to elevate a hobby into something more focused. Most are suitable for more than one sport too, so even if you’re buying for a budding triathlete, this would be a sound investment.


Portable fire pit

For the camper that likes to cook in style — rather than eating cold beans out of the tin — a portable fire pit is a handy gadget that takes all the hassle out of the evening meal. More than just a source of heat and a handy cooker though, many have now been designed with integrated tech, including Bluetooth charging points, for when the phone battery starts to get low. This is camping in 2020, after all.


Portable coffee maker

Forget about taking your cafetieres outdoors and grab a portable espresso maker instead. All your gift recipient needs to do is bring coffee grounds with him and add hot water. Small enough to fit just about anywhere, the gadget brews the coffee and lets the user know when a cafe-style cup is ready to pour. It then just gets rinsed out and is ready to go again – some are even USB chargeable.

Solar-powered lantern

There’s nothing worse than needing some light, only to find that the torch batteries are dead and your phone is about to follow suit. Don’t let the gadget-happy outdoorsy man in your life fall prey to this unfortunate occurrence, by giving him some solar lanterns. Easy to hang anywhere that will be drenched in natural light during the day, they shine surprisingly brightly at night and have hours of reliable charge in them. Sustainable and useful!


Underwater camera

When underwater cameras first came out they left a lot to be desired, with low-quality images and bulky designs. Now, things have changed dramatically, making them a perfect present for anyone that likes to combine a thirst for gadgets with an active lifestyle. Consider a model that has additional accessories, such as mounts for helmets, as these would make brilliant gifts for kayak enthusiasts, mountain bikers and surfers alike.


The ultimate classic

Less of a tech-fuelled gadget but potentially the most essential piece of kit for any outdoor-loving man, a multitool is a thoughtful yet practical gift idea. Whether you choose a standard-issue Swiss Army knife or plump for something more exotic, the idea is the same; one tool to get someone out of any and all predicaments. With this in mind, you’ll want to think about the activities your recipient enjoys most frequently, so as to choose the right set of ‘heads’. Choose something with a good amount of warranty, as these multitools tend to put up with a lot of abuse.


Buying for an outdoors fan is just a matter of understanding what they love most about their preferred activities and finding that one gadget that will make everything just a little easier.

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