Cool stylish fire extinguishers from Eimdall Design

This weeks product feature comes from Swedish company Eimdall Design and their stylish fire extinguishers available to buy. Eimdall set out with a goal to increase the awareness of home safety and home safety products. Despite most people understanding how important home safety is, it is still many times overlooked. To counter that problem and to increase the awareness, Eimdall set out with the quest to make safety items cool. First out in their line of designed safety items is their series of stylish fire extinguishers. They are available in three colours, White, Black and a Grey/rust industrial themed one.

Shockingly, Eimdalls research indicated that more than 50% of all UK homes don’t have or know where in their house they have a fire extinguisher. This was a big concern for the Swedish design company. Their vision is to create stylish extinguishers that could even be used as a part of any homes interior design. A home décor product with function. That way it would be stored in plain sight where everyone would see and know where it is. So if in the unlikely case of a fire starting in your home, you can quickly grab it and don’t have to start searching for that old boring red extinguisher that have been hidden in some wardrobe.


There are many different types of fire extinguishers and they come in a verity of different sizes. Eimdall decided to go for an ABC-Powder model in the size of 2 kg.

It is the perfect model for home usage, small and compact but still large enough to put out most small fires. Also, the ABC-Powder is probably the most all round type, very suitable for private use as the fire could be caused by many different reasons in a home.

ABC-classed extinguishers fight these types of fires:

A: Wood, paper, cloth and other basic material fires

B: Oils (including paints with oil) and gasoline fires

C: Electrical fires caused by small appliances, circuit breakers, wiring and other small electrical items.


Legal, approved and tested

There are a lot of regulations surround fire extinguishers, with all due reasons. In case of an emergency, you need to be able to count on it to work. Although, these regulations only apply for commercial use. For private use there isn’t actually any requirements what so ever, but despite that, Eimdall has not cut any corners.

The regulation in Europe for small fire extinguishers are called EN3. Apart from the visual(they have to be minimum 15% red to be used commercially), Eimdall’s fire extinguishers fulfil all requirements of the EN3 standard and the model have been lab tested by a certified European lab.


Technical specification

Dimension: 12 x 40 cm

Weight: 4,2 kg

Volume: 2 KG

Type: ABC-Powder


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