Everything you need to know about dermal fillers

Dermal fillers can be a wonderful way of plumping up your skin and re-energising it to glow with more youthful rays. With more and more celebrities, as well as everyday people, utilising the effect of derma fillers in order to achieve their desired look, it is quickly becoming a very popular form of cosmetic enhancement. However, before taking the leap you must consider it carefully and comprehensively.

Below are some commonly asked questions and answers regarding dermal fillers:


What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are small injections of a gel, which consists of hyaluronic acid and fills in the gaps between your wrinkles by adding volume to your soft tissue. Dermal fillers are incredibly versatile fillers and can be injected into a variety of different body parts including, but not limited to, your mouth, eyes, cheeks, jawline and even your lips. Almost any part of the face can be injected with dermal fillers and plumped up to the standard that you require.

However, this is dependent upon which clinic you frequent in order to get these injections, as each clinic can differ on which services they offer. For example, there are Dermal Fillers in London which predict that your fillers should last between 6-18 months at a time.


How long do dermal fillers last approximately?

Depending on the individual and the chemical as well as the elasticity of your face, dermal fillers can last between 6-18 months. However, this is very much dependent on how much filler is injected into which part of the face, as well as how your body reacts on an individual level to hyaluronic acid.



How much do derma fillers cost?

As a result of dermal fillers being a temporary form of cosmetic enhancement, they can cost quite a lot in the long-term, depending on where you wish to be injected, how much you require, and how quickly your body breaks down the hyaluronic acid. There are also other reasons why dermal fillers tend to vary in price.

On average, dermal fillers cost approximately £500 per syringe, however this price can differ dramatically – either higher or lower – depending on the treatment you need, as well as the clinic you choose to have the procedure in.


Are there any major side effects of dermal fillers?

As with almost any cosmetic treatment, there is always some form of risk when having this procedure performed, however with dermal fillers, the risks are very low.

Much like some of the mild symptoms created after other facial injections, dermal fillers can induce some swelling, redness, as well as tenderness near, or even around, the injection site. There are also some mores serious implications of dermal fillings, such as forming lumps under the skin and filler moving away from the intended treatment area to other places in your face. Other side effects of dermal fillers include bruising, itching, and rashes – in some rare cases, blocking blood vessels with the filler can also occur, however, it must be noted that this is extremely rare.


Are dermal fillers painful?

As with any injection, there is a moderate amount of pain that comes with this procedure. However, dermal fillings are mixed with a local anesthetic, making them a practically painless experience.

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