How to Turn Your Small Kitchen More Functional?

Not every home has a large kitchen space; for this reason those who live in small spaces look for alternatives to make daily activities comfortable. With the case of a small kitchen, this means making the most of the space provided so cooking and food preparation is hassle-free. Let’s look at some of the tips that you can implement to make your small kitchen more functional. To start off, let’s talk about those of us who are busy in setting up a new home which may have a small kitchen. Small kitchens are typically found in apartments and flats or new one/two bedroom homes and therefore more thought must go into choosing what accessories to use and when to do so. This is because a small kitchen can easily look cluttered as a few items are exposed out of the cabinets. Even if using two or three different appliances, when it comes to designing kitchens, they must think of colours in contrast to the kitchen worktops and splashbacks. Light colours such as white and light grey are quite popular in small kitchens. Especially white in all it shades, since it makes small spaces look bigger. Furthermore, white kitchens look clean and bring light inside too. If you are one of these homeowners, you must remind yourself that a small mistake can make your kitchen look dull, cluttered and/or leave impractical. Functionality is the key in order to make small kitchens practical and easy to use.

Here are some tips which will help you make maximum use of a small kitchen:

Choose your kitchen worktop wisely with slim edges

As your kitchen space is small; your kitchen worktop should be the toughest. They will be subjected to heat, scratches, stains and to an ample amount of moisture. Hence, to fight all these conditions you can choose for porcelain worktops. You will find that branded porcelain worktop materials are approximately 30% stronger than granite. For this reason, manufacturers of ceramic worktops and porcelain surfaces make slabs as thin as 12mm. 12mm porcelain work surfaces are very strong and suitable for use as kitchen worktops. As a matter of fact, 12mm is the most popular thickness amongst homeowners of sintered porcelain worktops.

When it comes to cleaning, only warm tap water and a cloth is enough. Also, you can use soapy water, or even household cleaners such as window spray if you come across stubborn marks. There are several brands in the market that make beautiful sintered porcelain and ceramic worktops which include Dekton, Neolith, Laminam, Ceralsio and a few others. These are all Companies and products with proven experience. Their products performance is superior to natural stones which is what has made these materials so popular over the last few years.

You can purchase neolith porcelain which is manufactured by fusing feldspar, raw clay and silica together at high temperatures. Neolith sintered stone provides an exceptional cutting edge, which is an additional point to your small kitchen. Neolith worktops are the ultimate form of sintered porcelain which people normally install in their tiny kitchen. Neolith was born in 2009 in Spain and in a relatively short period of time, it has become a worldwide recognised brand. The Company started making many different materials and designs with different looks. You can choose marble effect, iron effect, concrete effect worktops and many others. Neolith has made possible for you to have worktops with looks that were unimaginable in a kitchen only a few years ago.


Implement over the sink a cutting board

When you have a tiny kitchen, your kitchen island can take up additional counter space. But if you can’t spare the precious floor space, then you can implement the idea of an over-the-sink cutting board. This is nice and cute. Speaking of which, besides being cute, it helps you to rinse the veggies before chopping the same. Having a bespoke stone chopping board over the sink is a quick fix. When you order you kitchen worktops, ask your stone fabricator to cut a chopping board with the off-cut of the material. Not only that matching chopping boards in stone look sophisticated. They also ‘disappear’ in the kitchen by blending with the rest of the matching surfaces and décor.


Implement a heavy-duty kitchen splashback for best results

You can choose a stainless-steel pegboard splashback which will allow you to keep tools handy and will also resist water splashes. But sometimes you may often think about implementing a matching splashback which would blend with the rest of the décor, making the room look more spacious. It may also help you in achieving a more traditional look to any small kitchen. Laminam ceramic backsplash may be another good option for you if you are thinking that way. They come in varied textures and they are highly durable in all conditions. The new generation of ultracompact surfaces and sintered porcelain and ceramic are something else. The products can be used also in bathrooms and other interior areas. Additionally, you can apply these products outdoors too. This makes it easy to achieve a consistent look through the house, whether it may be inside, outside; or both indoors and outdoors.

There may be several other tricks by which you can increase the functionality of a small kitchen. One thing that you must keep in mind throughout the customisation process is the lighting conditions. Choose the positions of your appliances so that it doesn’t block the sunlight entering through the doors and windows. Install your artificial lighting in such a way so that your tiny kitchen looks spacious. Moreover, also keep in mind all these fields of concern and make the best out of your reduced sized kitchen.


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