Awesome Accessories For Beard Lovers

Whether you are looking for a gift idea for a hairy partner or want to make the most out of your beard, we have you covered. In this guide, we’re going to go through some of the best accessories available for beard lovers. Let’s get started right away!




Beard comb

No beard owner should be without a proper beard comb. They are available in all shapes, sizes, and materials, but we love the look of wooden beard combs. They are just more classy, more masculine, and go perfectly with the whole beard ethic. You can also get them personalised with your partner’s name from some manufacturers.

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High-quality beard oils

Beard oils help keep the hair on your face lovely and smooth. They also help prevent facial dandruff – or beardruff, as it is now known. There are tons of varieties on the market so find one that appeals to your sense of smell. One word of warning – using beard oil does not mean you can forget about washing your beard. It can add shine to clean hair, but it will make dirty beards look greasy and dirty.






Growth formula

Not all men are blessed with the ability to grow the perfect beard, of course. Some might struggle to grow anything substantial at all, while the vast majority have areas of patchiness. While this isn’t a problem once you reach ‘full beard’ status, you might need to explore some of the best beard growth products out there. It might help you fill in all the gaps that appear when you are going through the growing out stage.



Cut-throat Razor

Just because you have a big, manly beard, doesn’t mean you can stop shaving. So go for a beautiful cut-throat razor – the kind your barber uses. It will help keep your beard well defined, and it’s just about the manliest accessory you can own.


Electric trimmer

Beards are awesome – but less so when they become unkempt. While you can sculpt your beard’s shape with a straight-up razor, you’ll also need to trim away any excess with a pair of trimmers or clippers. Find one that feels good in your hands and that you can wield easily. The slightest little mistake can have grave consequences for your beard, and all your hard work growing it can come undone in a moment.





Complete kit

There are lots of full beard kits out there at the moment. They tend to come with beard oil – essential for keeping away ‘beardruff’, as we mentioned above.  They will also have some styling wax, clippers, and a comb. Most of the kits you find will be for smaller beards, but they double up as great little travel kits, too.


Beard: the book

Need some inspiration for your facial hair? Perhaps you would like to try something new or extravagant? If so, look no further than ‘Beard’ by Matthew Rainwater. It documents some of the amazing highlights of a Beard and Moustache Championships. And, it goes some way to explaining the beardy phenomenon.



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