How finding someone has changed since the 80s

For our generation, those both in the 80s onwards, finding the details of someone is pretty simple compared to what our parents generation had to do to find someone. Of course technology is the major reason why it’s so simple these days and has transformed the way we get in touch with each other. The first UK phone book was launched approx 135 years ago and it had just 288 names and addresses but no phone numbers were included! You had to give the name of the person you were calling to the operator who then connected you.

It’s easy to overlook how much harder it was in the days before the internet to access information but thankfully, the internet and access to multiple data sources has changed all that.

To show you how things have changed in the space of a generation, electoral roll search company Whitepages have depicted how you might have looked for someone in the 1980’s to how you search today.

How to find someone

Image source: Whitepages – How to find someone with the edited Electoral Roll

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