5 ways to make your home into a cool place

You don’t need to give your home a full renovation to make it into a pleasant living space. If you’re feeling the need to give your property an upgrade and a refresh, there are some fairly budget-friendly ways in which you can transform your home for little cost. Create the perfect homely feel to relax, entertain friends and feel inspired in. These top tips will give you a good starting point…


Give your walls a refresh

It’s amazing what a fresh lick of paint can do to your walls and the overall look of a room. Peeling, cracked and stained walls can look unsightly, and they’re hardly a recipe for inspiration. Head to your local DIY store and pick up a pot of paint, it’s something you can definitely give a go yourself, but if you’re unsure then there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube which can offer a helping hand, especially if you’re decorating any awkward spaces or undertaking any wall repairs. For a calming vibe, stick to neutrals which will provide a peaceful and serene environment.


Get rid of the clutter

To create your own tranquil haven, the clutter must go! Too much bric-a-brac will give you a headache and make your home look messy. If you’re short of storage space, then you need to get clever. There are ways you can incorporate storage into your furniture, for example, beds from the likes of Divan Beds Centre double up as a fantastic storage space. Hide your excess clothes, books and belongings neatly under your bed and enjoy a home that’s free from clutter! If you have the budget then for a London self storage that could store your valuables safely.


Introduce an abundance of greenery

There are many benefits to having plants around the home. From reducing carbon dioxide levels to cleansing the air, reducing allergens, and even boosting mental health! Create your very own urban jungle, and scatter a few leafy friends around your living space. If you’re a plant newbie, start your journey to plant parenthood with a low maintenance succulent or cactus. You can’t go too wrong here, and you can gradually build up to more complex characters such as ferns which can require a little more TLC.


Say hello to a statement rug

If you’re stuck with flooring you can’t stand the sight of, and replacing it isn’t an option, it’s time to go rug shopping! From vintage tapestry rugs to Moroccan style Berber rugs and faux sheepskins, there are plenty of options to give your floor an update and create a cosier feel in your home, key for those autumnal Netflix nights. Don’t be afraid to experiment here, layering rugs has grown in popularity and is an Instagram trend many of the interior design influencers are adopting.


Create a fun gallery wall

It’s time to channel your creative energy with a fun gallery wall. Select frames of varying sizes, and if you want to go for a quirky feature wall, choose different colours too. Select artwork and graphics that showcase your personality and interests. Travel lover? Alongside your favourite wanderlust quotes, you could pick up a few vintage maps online for a unique design that shows off your passions. If you want to keep costs low, you could even look to frame wallpaper samples and fancy wrapping paper!



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