2 Games To Increase Your General Knowledge And Make Your Friends In Awe Of You…ish

They always say knowledge is power. No matter what it’s about, if you reel off a fact that your friends don’t know you’re bound to impress them, and in some cases give you a funny look. After all, who really needs to know that a group of frogs are called an ‘army’? If you’re like us, you’ll always be wanting to increase your brain power no matter what the subject, sourcing out games, and quizzes to play so next time you can dazzle in the pub, and who knows even be treated to a pint such is the power of the fact you’ve just released to the world.

Ok, that may be a little over-exaggerative, but here are some quizzes where you can at least have people saying, “I did not know that.”


Based on the popular BBC quiz show of the same name, Pointless will most certainly having you know the most obscure answers to questions on a variety of subjects whether that be ABBA singles, Bond villains, or FA Cup winners.

It’s the perfect app to enjoy a quick game whilst at a loose end and you’ll certainly pick up plenty of pointless knowledge

Trivial Pursuit

A real classic, Trivial Pursuit first came around in 1979 and has become one of the most popular board games on the planet. Today however, it isn’t limited to just a board and has entered the realms of online and mobile for on the go play.

Including the subjects Geography, Entertainment, History, Arts and Literature, Sports and Leisure, and Science and Nature, it tests all aspects of knowledge, and will expand your brain power no end.

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