TuxMat® – The Ultimate Car Mat With Maximum Coverage

The vast majority of us buy mats for our cars because we all know what happens to the floors without them, especially during winter time! You’ve probably noticed that most off the shelf car mats offer little protection because they’re flat and are a universal fit – this means there’ll always be exposed areas that catch dirty elements and they’re also unsafe because inevitably they move around due to an imperfect fit. I was browsing the web to find some mats for my car and came across TuxMat® who sell mats that cover the entire carpeted area of any vehicle including the vertical walls around the edges and are custom-fit for each individual car model. They’re also designed to match your cars interior, so if you have a luxury car, your car’s floor will just look as luxurious.



TuxMat Inc.® is based in Toronto and currently ship to US and Canada.They use laser technology to replicate your car’s floor in order to create mats that give your vehicle the ultimate protection. They are designed to cover the largest possible carpeted area in your vehicle and provide a perfect fit for easy installation. No cutting or trimming needed. Thanks to their advanced three-layered construction, these mats are highly durable, comfortable, and flexible. They can retain their shape under cold temperatures and provide a superior grip to prevent slippage.

When you look closely at TuxMat construction you’ll realise that these mats are much more complex than other car mats. At the top layer, you will find plasticised Polyvinyl Chloride. It’s a thermostatic polymer that moulds easily to the vehicle floor when it gets hot or cold.

They are water-resistant and the middle layer acts as a foam rubber that gives the mat extra cushioning – so much more comfortable that most car mats.

Key Benefits

Save time and money on cleaning.

Help preserve the value of your beloved ride.

Enhance the look of your vehicle’s interior.

Perfect for families with kids and pets.

Don’t shift around like universal car floor mats.

Installation and removal are easy.

TuxMat customer service team is always there to help.



100% waterproof material
TuxMat ensures high resistance to water and keeps your vehicle’s carpet clean and dry, protecting it from unwanted dirt and debris.

Easy to clean
You only need a cloth and a splash of water to make your TuxMat new again.

OEM retention hook system
Provides added security for the driver’s mat and ensures it will stay in place.

Heavy-duty heel pad
Made of durable materials to help preserve the condition of the driver’s side mat and avoid premature deterioration.

Quick installation
Side security clips that hold your TuxMat in place, making it easy to remove and install for cleaning.

Maximum coverage
Laser scanned for a tailored fit, providing complete protection over the footrest, back row middle hump, and back row seats.

Lifetime Limited Warranty
TuxMat Inc.® warrants that their products will be free from any defects in manufacturing, materials and workmanship for the life of the original purchaser and only for the original vehicle they were installed in. Exclusions to this warranty includes wear and tear due to severe abrasive conditions, chemical contamination, such as spilled gasoline, bleach, vehicle accidents, misuse, abuse, modifications, incorrect installation, incorrect use, etc. TuxMat Inc. will stand behind their products, depending on the situation, they may send a replacement to you (at no cost or a prorated amount).

Final word

TuxMat is made for personal and luxurious vehicles. As a car owner who wants to prolong the life of their carpet and their car interior to look great, then this is the ideal mat for you. Also, for those in the luxury car hire business, TuxMat will blend with your luxurious interior finish. And while these mats are protecting your carpet from spills, your riders will enjoy extra cushion provided by the three-layer mat design.

Visit TuxMat’s website for more information www.tuxmat.ca


Installation Video


Visit TuxMat’s website for more information www.tuxmat.ca


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