Just Pants! All Need To Know About Buying Men’s Underwear

Buying mens underwear should be pretty straight forward but there’s more to it than first meets the eye. Common sense when it comes to underwear is that you should just wear whatever’s the most comfortable of course. Being uncomfortable is not cool, especially in that region.

Men tend to think that their underwear doesn’t matter much as it’s hidden but there will be times when your pants will be seen, hopefully!

So without further adieu, here’s a basic guide to men’s underwear.




Often referred to as “tighty whities.” You probably graduated into some form of these right after diapers.



Known for their “freedom of movement,” which is about as close to the feeling of “going commando” as you can get.


Boxer Briefs

Supportive like briefs, but with longer legs (usually 6″ to 9″).



Essentially just boxer briefs with shorter legs (usually 1″ to 3″).

Most high street mens clothing stores have a great selection of mens underwear. Online stores like Underu are also a great place to find mens designer underwear.


Miscellaneous Tips

  • Vertical seams – Beware of these unless you like the idea of walking around with a wedgie all day!
  • White looks good when it’s new, but it won’t last. Great for a date – good idea to keep a pair just for ‘special occasions’. Stick to dark coloured pants for everyday use.
  • Be aware that not all underwear has a fly, so you might have to re-learn how to urinate.
  • If a boxer brief doesn’t feel right, try the same thing in a trunk (or visa-versa).
  • Good underwear is expensive, so try a variety of brands/styles
  • It should go without saying that you should change your underwear at least once a day. In order to cut down on the number of times you have to do laundry, you should own at least 10.


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