Hövding Invisible Bike Helmet – Collar Airbag Combines Safety With Fashion

After almost a decade of research and development, an invisible bike helmet is now available to cyclists just at a time when safety for cyclists is hot topic in the UK. This week the sixth bike accident resulting in death in London was reported in the space of just two weeks. Something needs to be done, it needed to be done many years ago but it seems it takes tragedy to spark action sadly. This new invisible bike helmet could seriously change urban biking forever and could be one of the answers we’ve been waiting for to help keep cyclists safe on the roads, especially in UK cities like London.

Two Swedish women designers from Swedish company Hövding are behind the genius new invisible helmet. It’s not a helmet at all in fact, hence it’s invisible. It’s an airbag that fits into a large collar around the cyclist’s neck and inflates on the first sign of impact, protecting the head from serious injury. If any unusual movement is detected the scarf-like hood inflates like an airbag and, because it’s made from strong nylon fabric, it won’t rip when it hits the ground.


The ‘helmet’ encases your entire head in less than a second, just leaving enough space to see out of, making it safer than a normal helmet once deployed. The helmet is priced at 399 euros (approx £350) so it’s doesn’t come cheap but can you really put a price on safety, especially for those who use the bike to commute.

The helmet  comes in a variety of colours so it can be matched to your favourite outfit and you don’t get hat hair! Safety and fashion combined – what more could you want?


Check out the invisible helmet in action in this video (2:30 is where you can see the helmet, what it looks like and how it works in an accident):

Where can you buy the Hovding Invisible Helmet? 

You can buy the invisible helmet direct from Hovding website here: http://shop.hovding.com We noticed only one Bike shop selling the Hovding helmet so far which is Rose Bikes but there should be many more stores selling this in the coming months ahead.





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