10 Best Snowboard/Ski Apps For The Slopes This Winter

Technology seems to have made every phase of our lives more convenient in some way or another, whether it’s business or pleasure. Mobile devices have enabled us to have access to tools and information no matter where we are, and they are just as useful when talking about recreation as they are when mentioning business apps.

One of my hobbies is snowboarding and I run a snowboarding blog which you can check out at snowboardingdays.com. Snowboarding and skiing is a prime example of a activity where technology has teamed up with recreation to create a vast number of brilliantly useful mobile apps.

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1. Ski and Snow Report

While there are many apps coming out that give you snow reports, this one seems to be the most popular one with the best ratings. You can customise this app to give you detailed information that can be easily customised according to the locations in which you like to ski or snowboard. It’s very simple to use and the statistics are always reliable.

2. GoPro App

Lots of skiers and snowboarders I know have GoPro cameras. The GoPro App makes it easy to control your camera remotely with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Conveniently adjust settings, start/stop recording and more. Live video preview lets you see what your camera sees for easy shot framing. Plus you can enjoy playback and sharing of your GoPro photos and select videos.


3. AlpineReplay Ski and Snowboard

If you are looking to geek out with some statistics related to your riding, this is the app for you. It can measure your speed, distance, the elevation you are at, and the calories you burn. It’s like a running or walking app, but custom made for the mountain. It’s great for following your progress as a skier or snowboarded over the course of a season.

4. SkiTips

If you are a beginner, this is the perfect app for you – it’s like having a ski instructor in your pocket. The app gives you detailed lessons on the fundamentals of skiing that are very easy to follow and understand, as well as advanced techniques for more experienced skiers.


5. In The Snow Magazine

If you are a skier or snowboarder, then you probably know about this great magazine. This is the mobile app version of this insightful magazine and website.

6. SnowEdge

Don’t be fooled by the very rudimentary design of the app, it’s actually very high tech and allows you to measure your speed when cutting down the slopes and your longest airtimes when doing high-flying tricks on your board.


7. SnoCru

This is another hybrid app that has just about everything you can ask for – snow reports, weather reports, the ability to measure your speed, verticals and distance traveled, and great integration with social media websites.


8. ActionShot

Want to get photos of your killer jumps and treks down the mountain? This is a great app for that. Photograph your action sequences to look like they just came out of a pro skiing or snowboarding mag.



9. iTrail Map 3D

iTrailMap 3D lets you see yourself on a 3D mountain, record your tracks and upload them to the web. It also records stats like vert and distance. The app was designed for skiers and snowboarders. But it works great for mountain biking and hiking also.


10. Photosynth

Use this app to get incredible photos of your mountainous surroundings. It’s the perfect photo app for getting amazing mountain panoramas that will help you to always remember your view from the top.

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