5 Mobile Gadgets That Are Really Useful

“Ah cool, is that a pen in an iPhone?!” we hear you cry. Yes. Yes it is, and it’s just one of the amazing, and also simple, gadgets that have been developed to make our smartphones, well, smart. We live in an age where our mobile phone can record television, play the latest high-definition games and still make the humble telephone call, so why shouldn’t you be able to write with it? Or in fact use it to find your keys, or order takeaway. We take a look at just five great gadgets to go with your mobile phone.


Fitting neatly inside your headphone socket, the JackPen is an incredibly simple piece of kit that will leave you never having to search for a pen again. For those times when the notepad in your phone isn’t good enough, what if you need to sign for something? Fill in a legal form? Well the Jackpen has that covered.


If you say you haven’t lost your keys before, you’re lying. Or don’t own a set. Hone eliminates this and is the savour of just about everyone who’s dozy enough to do it. Using Bluetooth technology, this is a perfect way to make sure you never lost your keys. Simply attach the Hone Dongle to your set and whenever they’re lost, load up the app and they’ll be back in your pocket before you can say, “Hello, is that the locksmith?”

Crash Sensor

The ICEdot Crash Sensor mounts to any helmet and detects impacts that may leave you incapacitated. Ideal for cyclists who have a habit of falling off, the Crash Sensor triggers your phone to sound an alarm, following an accident and alerts your pre-specified emergency contacts, making it the safest way to ride.

iControlPad Bluetooth gaming controller

With mobile gaming on the rise, and showing no sign of stopping, the iControl pad is perfect for gaming on both iOS and Android devices. Whether it’s playing high-definition shoot ‘em ups such as Modern Combat 4, the control pad takes gaming to the next level.

Flygrip smartphone holder

How many times have you dropped your smartphone? A few we would imagine. Attaching to the back of your device, the Flygrip allows you to use your phone one-handed, without cramping your hand. Keeping the phone securely placed in your hand, the Flygrip is the ideal solution to enable real-life multitasking.

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