Are You Hanging On To Old Tech?

Do you have some old tech lying around your home? That might be a computer with Windows 98 or a phone when they really were as heavy as bricks? Maybe, the tech is still fairly new but in this digital age you’ve updated already and even the modern is starting to look old. If that sounds all too familiar, here are some great ideas for how to use this tech.


Set Up A Retro Room

Depending on the tech you have and the space in your home, you might want to think about setting up a room for your retro technology. Who knows, you might still have a console that plays pong. The first true video game for the masses!



eBay Is Your Friend

You might find that you can sell your old tech for a nice little profit online. Did you know that there are people looking for Pokemon cartridges in mint condition. So, if you were bought the games but they were never played you might want to think about listing them. Some rare cartridges have sold for thousands.



Pass It On

These days kids expect to receive the latest iPhone and the newest gadgets from their parents. If they’ve been naughty then teach them a lesson and send them back to the stone age by replacing their latest smartphone with a Nokia 3310 – basic but one of the best phones back in the day – so good in fact they’ve brought the Nokia 3310 back. Who knows, they might think it’s vintage and cool anyway.




Be Green

Or if it really is time to get rid of that old tech don’t just throw it away. Make sure you’re recycling it and doing some good for the planet. You can find out more in the following infographic.


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