Nexar Beam GPS Dash Camera


Innovative dash cam company Nexar have released the Nexar Beam GPS dash camera with impressive functionality for everyday driving comfort and safety. Nexar Beam GPS is a new lightweight dash camera with navigation capability designed for safer driving which is plug and play, feature packed, compact, sleek and affordable with 32 GB SD card and free unlimited cloud storage included.

Nexar Beam GPS is the world’s smartest dash cam and is available to buy on Amazon

Beam GPS is sleek, compact and beautifully designed. It can easily be concealed behind the rear-view mirror without drawing too much attention and records 1080p full HD video that makes for extremely crisp and bright footage and has a super wide lens that provides a 135-degree field of view. It has the added advantage that, unlike any other dash cams at a similar price point, Nexar offers free cloud storage so there is no need to pay for expensive monthly subscriptions.

Nexar has developed its own proprietary software, unlike many dash cam brands who use third party integrations. Nexar’s companion app allows for live streaming of all video footage directly to your phone and uses AI to detect important moments and save them as easy to find clips. Incidents can be reported and files shared and viewed immediately with an insurance company or the police through the app. The footage is backed up to the cloud without any limits, and all of it is incredibly easy to use and navigate around; which is most important of all. The Beam GPS dash cam also has a built-in GPS module so, in the event of an accident, the location of the vehicle can be linked directly to the footage, providing additional proof to authorities as required.

The parking mode feature offers 24/7 security and can sense even the slightest impact to a vehicle and starts recording immediately, even when the car is parked. No need to be in the car or driving to get the protection the camera offers. Parking incidents, such as someone hitting a parked car, can be downloaded to the user’s phone as soon as it connects to the dash cam, so footage can be viewed immediately; offering true peace of mind.

With a built-in G-sensor supporting variable sensitivity, the dash cam can auto-detect any sudden knock or collision and lock the crucial footage. This can then be used as vital evidence for claims or insurance purposes with users being able to access the required footage easily and quickly.

The Nexar Beam GPS comes with a free 32GB microSD card already installed but users can opt to upgrade to a bigger capacity with up to 256GB of included storage. Best of all, though, Nexar offers completely unlimited cloud backups without a subscription, so drivers can avoid the extra cost and have the same ability to save any video to the cloud. Ideal if the dash cam is ever stolen or damaged, as footage can still be viewed and accessed from anywhere.

Once videos are uploaded via Wi-Fi, users can check them out at the online portal dashboard, The video clips can be wrapped together with important data into a report and uploaded immediately using a one-click report function.  Additionally, Siri voice command may be used to send messages to others whilst on the road in the Nexar Groups app which will show the location if the driver is delayed.

Nexar’s Beam dash cam uses computer-vision artificial intelligence (AI) and inter-vehicle networking software, with the mission to eliminate road collisions worldwide by alerting drivers to dangers ahead in real-time.

The dash cam is also incredibly easy to install, offering true plug and play. There’s an included suction mount to fix it to the windscreen, and included adhesive for any which are flat. It’s powered from a cigarette lighter port, and an included 3-meter long micro USB cable connects it quickly and simply. Plus, it has a smart quick-release mechanism so the camera can be easily detached from its mount if theft is a concern.

Key features

  • Free and unlimited cloud storage for key moments
  • AI detection of road events
  • Emergency contact alerts if you are ever in an accident
  • Parking mode’s 24/7 security
  • Seamless accident reports and simple insurance claims
  • Easy installation with a suction cup mount
  • 32GB SD card included with option to upgrade
  • Trimming feature to cut down videos and save storage

Nexar Beam GPS is the world’s smartest dash cam and is available to buy on Amazon

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