Should you invest in eco-friendly cat litter?

Eco-friendly choices are becoming increasingly commonplace in a world where environmental considerations are becoming an integral part of daily life. It is little surprise that pet owners are looking for alternatives that are more sustainable when it comes to their cats. One simple and very effective way in which they can do this is by swapping to eco-friendly cat litter. This is not only an environmentally responsible choice but also something that offers a number of other benefits.  Let’s examine why you should invest in eco-friendly products and the positive impact they can have on your cat and the planet.


Reduced impact on the environment

Clay or silica, the materials most traditional cat litters are made from, have a significant impact on the environment. The mining and processing procedures surrounding these materials can cause air pollution and habitat destruction. Eco-friendly cat litter, however, which is typically made from wood, corn, wheat or recycled paper, is biodegradable and fewer environmental resources are used to make it.


Better for your cat

The majority of the more conventional cat litters have chemicals, synthetic fragrances and dust in them. All of these can be irritating for cats, and they are not pleasant for their owners either. When you opt for an eco-friendly litter, like those made from a natural material, they are much less likely to contain things that are harmful. If your cat has allergies or sensitivities, then this is particularly important and can help to ensure their comfort.


Better odour control 

One property that cat owners look for when selecting a litter is good odour control. When it comes to neutralising odours you are more likely to find natural materials like baking soda, activated charcoal and plant extracts incorporated into eco-friendly litter, which actually offer superior odour control. This means that your living space will smell fresher and be a much more pleasant space to live in.


Easy disposal

Because of its biodegradable nature, eco-friendly cat litter is much easier to dispose of. Traditional cat litter, because it is not made of renewable materials, contributes to landfills and can, unfortunately, take many years to break down. Those litters that are eco-friendly can be composted or disposed of in a responsible manner, which further reduces their environmental impact.



Many people believe that cat litter that is eco-friendly is lacking when it comes to clumping abilities, however, this is simply not true. Many of the eco-friendly options available are very effective when it comes to clumping, which makes cleaning litter trays much easier. 


Gentle for paws

Cats can be fussy creatures, and the texture of their litter can often be a problem for them. Traditional litter is often coarse and unnaturally textured, which is not comfortable. Eco-friendly litter is often softer and much more pleasant, which can help with a cat’s overall well-being. 


Supports practices that are sustainable

When you choose eco-friendly cat litter, you are aligning your purchasing decisions with more sustainable options and supporting companies that have shown a commitment to the environment. Many of these companies also use recycled packaging, which helps to reduce their overall ecological footprint even further. This will mean that you, as a consumer, are helping them to further their commitment to the environment.

When it comes to helping the environment, choosing to swap from more traditional cat litter to something that is eco-friendly is a very easy and simple step. Knowing that you are doing something that will not only be great for your furry friend but also have a positive impact on the environment is a good first step.


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