Amazing Ways All Sports Are Alike

On the surface, most sports look radically different when compared with one another. There is the occasional copycat such as the similarities between rugby and American football. For the most part, though, they fit in their worlds. Or do they? You might be surprised at the factors that you’ll find in every sport.


Almost every sport in the world that you can think of is celebrated. It has fans and often there are arenas packed full of people waiting to see their favourite athletes. Even sports that seem to fit into niches have fans online anxious to see the next viral video of someone hurtling out a helicopter while skiing. The celebration of the game and praise for the athletes exists for every sports activity.


Rules and Regulations

The first rule of fight club might be that there are no rules. For every other sport, though, there’s a strict list that you have to abide by if you want to play the game. You might think this is to ensure that the game is fair, and that’s partially correct. But a much more important reason is so that all athletes are safe.


Protective Gear

The protective gear in sports may be optional, but it’s certainly available in pretty much every sporting event. If you’re playing American football, there’s foam padding in the armour that you wear, footballers (or soccer players) wear shinpads, boxers have padding in the gloves to cushion the hits, and even rugby players wear padded helmets to protect their skulls..not to mention that mouth guard to make sure they end a game with a full set of gnashers. You can read more about how padding protects players in the infographic below.

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