Tech On the Way for Newest Phones

The latest devices look to be just around the corner as the holiday season approaches and the rumours for what can be expected from the biggest phone manufacturers start to come out – both Apple and Samsung have been the big targets for the leaks as usual and talks around which tech may be coming and going heat up as usual. With changes in the way many of us use our devices, particularly with the recent success found in the likes of gaming as different genres online have grown like these options at, replacing traditional brick and mortar locations for many. Will the tech changes be geared towards making these options more accessible, or will trends for recent years continue?


Smaller displays could return – One of the big rumoured changes, particularly aimed at Samsung devices, and something that for some goes against the current flow of devices primarily being used for content consumption comes in the form of a slightly smaller display. Complaints around oversized displays have been around for a while, so it isn’t surprising to see some hope for a scale back here, and not by a great deal either but could make all the difference to those users frustrated with the phablet style devices that have been around for quite some time now.


Cameras and lenses will be an easy target ­– It seems par for the course now that cameras will receive a yearly upgrade and change and it seems the 2022 devices will be the same too, particularly for the iPhone with expected changes to the notch and selfie camera in particular. Higher fidelity and better software within the processing of capture photos continue to lend themselves to the inspired content creation market with mobile users and will undoubtably be a key piece of tech leading to more creativity.


Battery changes are expected, but perhaps not in the right way – Mobile phone batteries have long been the Achilles heel for modern devices with the power draw being so high that any extended period of use runs even the beefiest of batteries flat in no time – suggestions had initially been towards charging capabilities, but there are rumours that with the smaller display size could also come a smaller battery too – it may mean cutting down on the hours of watching favourite shows on mobile or playing the favourite games, but as this is just a rumour and yet to be confirmed, hopes still remain for improvements instead.

With a hopefully release schedule either a little before or a little after Christmas, it may prove to be a perfect time to upgrade for those who have been holding onto their same device for quite some time now.

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