Why Scrapping Your Car Can Help The Environment

We all know how important it is to protect the environment. Signs of environmental change are all around us, from milder winters to wetter summers, and we only have to switch on the television news to see the effect that global warming is having.  The most vulnerable nations in the world are bearing the brunt of global warming with regular flooding, droughts, and failing crops, but it’s up to every nation to do their bit to nurture the planet’s ecology. When it comes to adopting a greener way of life, the little things can make a big difference, which is why car scrapping really can help the environment.

How Cars Are Heating Up The Planet

All motor vehicles emit carbon dioxide when in use and that can be bad news for our environment. Carbon dioxide, along with methane, is known as a greenhouse gas, which means that they absorb infrared radiation and trap it in the atmosphere. This has a heating effect on the planet as a whole, resulting in what we know as global warming. Cars and other motor vehicles are one of the major sources of carbon dioxide and official figures show that they account for more than a quarter of all United Kingdom greenhouse gas emissions.

An average car emits around 4.7 metric tons of carbon dioxide each year, and with over 37.5 million licensed vehicles on the UK roads, you can see how this adds up. The good news is that switching to a newer and greener car will greatly reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from the exhaust, and there are financial incentives too.

Why It Can Be Cheaper To Run A Newer Car

Some people carry on driving their old car for year after year in the belief that it would be too costly to upgrade to a newer model but switching to a more modern car can make a real difference to running costs. As cars become older, they become increasingly unreliable because of the wear and tear upon their mechanical components. The cost of regular repairs soon adds up when compared to a new car that is reliable year after year, but there’s one other cost saving that can be even more significant: road tax. The United Kingdom government is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050 compared to 1990, and one of its main ways of doing this is by incentivising the use of greener cars.

Road tax, more correctly called Vehicle Excise Duty, was not so long ago based on the size of a vehicle’s engine, with more powerful cars paying a premium. Now, however, the amount of tax you pay is largely based upon carbon dioxide emissions, with some older cars with small engines still finding themselves in the higher reaches of the 13 band tax system. By scrapping your old car and investing in a newer car that produces less carbon dioxide, you can make a large saving on your road tax bill.

How To Scrap Your Old Car

Selling an old car is often the first step towards buying a new vehicle, but if your car is in less than perfect condition, you might find it hard to get a fair price. The used car market is incredibly competitive, so trying to sell an old car that needs repairs can be a frustrating and ultimately fruitless process. Increasing numbers of people are finding that car scrapping is the ideal solution, creating garage or drive space whilst still giving them some cash towards a newer and more reliable purchase. You may want an alternative which is possible through car scrapping experts in scrap car network as they will be able to discuss what condition your car is in and offer you a quote. If you decide to accept their offer, they will then arrange a time to collect the car that’s convenient for you.  You’ll receive a cash sum in exchange for the car and the log book, and you can then begin the search for a new vehicle that is more environmentally friendly. It’s a simple and pain-free process when compared to trying to sell or scrap a vehicle yourself.

The Easy Way To Dispose Of Non-Running Vehicles

Car scrapping isn’t only for old or damaged cars that are no longer economical to run, as car scrapping specialists will also take non-runners and cars that have been written off after an accident. Current legislation states that cars that are scrapped must be done so in line with strict environmental regulations, but by handing your car over to the professionals, you won’t have to worry about that. They’ll provide you with a Certificate of Destruction to show that your former car has been dealt with by an Authorised Treatment Facility; it’s an important document, as without one you’re liable for a £80 fine.

Car scrapping can allow you to get a newer car with lower greenhouse gas emissions, and it’s also good to know that reusable parts of the car will be recycled or sold on. It’s good for the environment, and it’s good for your pocket too.

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