10 cars popular with sports stars

Considering that the world’s sports stars are some of the highest earning individuals on the planet, it’s not surprising that they would own some pretty impressive possessions. And when it comes to cars, it seems that the current wave of sporting legends have really stepped up their game. So here are ten of the coolest cars owned by sports stars.


Karim Benzema

The Real Madrid striker certainly knew how to make an appearance when he recently arrived at the training ground in a custom black and chrome Bugatti Veyron that was estimated to cost an incredible £1.6 million.


Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese footballer is renowned for his playboy lifestyle. And when he’s not competing with Real Madrid, he can often be found roaming around the city in his £330,000 white Rolls Royce Ghost. If that’s out of your current price range, you can still check out these offers and promotions to stand a chance of owning one of these motors.


Amir Khan

Boxers are also famous for their blinged-up lifestyle and Amir Khan is no exception to this. Not content with buying a £300,000 Lamborghini Aventador, he made sure that everyone knew about it by showing off his purchase on Instagram.


Riyadh Al-Azzawi

And then for the likes of kickboxer Riyadh Al-Azzawi, the car owned must be a little more outrageous than most. His Ferrari not only cost an estimated £200,000, but also featured an eye-watering bright gold paint job.


Mario Balotelli

The volatile Liverpool footballer so dramatically fell in love with a ruby red Ferrari F12 Berlinetta that he organised to have the £240,000 car shipped over from Italy to the Liverpool training ground.


Floyd Mayweather

Another boxer to make a name for himself with his car purchases is Floyd Mayweather. Not content with just one Rolls Royce Phantom, he quickly purchased another to get the perfect matching pair.


Sulley Muntari

The Ghanaian midfielder might have misunderstood what it means to own an expensive car when he attempted to downplay his brand new Lamborghini with a particularly eye-catching camouflage paint job.




Djibril Cisse

This extravagant striker is already known for his ‘interesting’ fashion sense, but his recent Chrysler 300C purchase was customised with a massive chrome grill and a lurid portrait of his daughter Ilona on the bonnet.

William Gallas

Something about metallic colours keeps attracting footballers as was illustrated by the French star William Gallas who spent £350,000 on a Mercedes McLaren and then gave it a flamboyant chrome wrap.


Darren McFadden

Another sports star keen to customise their car is the Oakland Raiders running back Darren McFadden who gave his Buick Centurion a startling bright purple and green colour scheme.


Joe Johnson

And finally, it’s the Atlanta Hawks’ basketball player Joe Johnson who decided to spend his money on a six door, gold-painted Ford Super Truck. Definitely not for the faint of heart.


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