5 Cool USB Toys

If you are looking for cool USB gadgets then here are five cool USB toys that you can buy.

USB Panic Button

Plug this cool panic button into your USB port and stick the button on the floor by your feet, the moment a suit comes anywhere close, just kick the switch and a suitably busy and important spreadsheet, or flow chart (there’s a selection of four you can choose from or you can create your own), will pop up onto your screen – showing you to be the diligent employee you know you’re not. A saviour at the click of a button!!!


USB Fridge

Fancy a cold can ready for you whenever you want? This cool gadget that plugs into your USB port on your PC or laptop will keep your tipple beautifully chilled as you work. Complete with an utterly pointless LED fridge light (though it does look pretty cool at night), and retro fridge styling, the USB Drinks Cooler will hold standard 300ml cans, and ensures that your chilled can stays that way.


USB iPod Turntable

With this cool gadget you can convert your vinyls into digi files for your iPod which works with both PCs and Macs. Dust off your records and drag the past into the future! I want one of these as my vinyls are getting dusty in the loft and need some love.

USB Chameleon

Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma chameleon!! The USB Chameleon is a bizarrely loveable desk buddy. Pop him on your computer screen, plug him into a spare USB port, and watch as he randomly rolls his eyeballs in opposite directions, and sticks his tongue out to catch passing flies.


Want to annoy the hell out of colleagues across the room? The Launcher holds three foam missiles, and Missile Command is located on your desktop. You simply use your mouse to control the launcher which rotates and tilts as you zero in on your victim, that, despite being deeply childish, is immensely satisfying. The Missile Launcher fires its three foam missiles sequentially as you hit the ‘Fire’ button, and though collateral damage is minimal, the fun factor is exceedingly high.

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