Top 5 wedding hairstyles for brides

Among the wedding hairstyle trends for 2020, light and airy updos continue to lead the way. Brides-to-be often ask for soft, natural-looking waves. Hairstyles may be completed with decorative pins, alice bands, combs, or lively flowers. It depends on the style and should harmonise with the character of the wedding dress and accessories. Dreaming of long or thick hair for your wedding? Then bet on the professional products you will find in our store: nano bonds, wig stand, root stretch and micro rings is the best choice for the bride-to-be. We have prepared a trend overview for all future spouses.

Is your wedding fast approaching? Have you already chosen the invitations or decorations for the wedding hall? And what about the dress? How many fittings behind you? Regardless of what stage of wedding preparations you are at, you surely feel a bit stressed and tired of it all. Organising a wedding is a big challenge for every bride. After all, we want everything to be perfect. So take a breath, brew a cup of your favourite tea and let yourself enjoy. Please take a look at our gallery of the hair styles for the wedding of 2021 and discover the current trends. We have also prepared suggestions for men.

Wedding hairstyles trends

Before we get into specific examples, a few words about trends. Of course, there are some timeless hair styles, which always look good for a wedding and are like a little black dress. However, each wedding season is characterised by a few trends – the main directions.

The year 2020 was not kind to both the wedding industry and newlyweds. Problems with organising weddings due to the pandemic were considerable and many couples had to cancel the wedding, reduce the number of guests or simply reschedule the wedding party.

Everything indicates that in 2021 we want to forget about this difficult time at least for a while and start organising real weddings again. This is reflected in certain hairstyle trends for weddings. Besides the plain and classic bridal hair styles, the trend is for the most lavish bridal hair styles.

Wedding hairstyle trends

  • soft waves and hair caught in motion
  • Classic ponytails with glittering decorations
  • updos (the lower ones and the ballerina bun)
  • Crowns instead of tiaras or veils
  • Voluminous braids
  • Accessorising with pearls

Soft natural waves

Soft, gentle waves are among the most popular hairstyles for the 2021 wedding. This season, we are moving away from Hollywood style curls and thick, glossy curls. We are moving away from Hollywood style curls and thick, glossy curls. 2021 is the year of the most natural waves we can get, with a matte finish.

Delicate waves can be let loose or opt for braids and plaits to tame the strands a bit. All kinds of accessories and decorations like bobby pins, floral motifs (but soft and subtle), diadems and headbands are also acceptable.

How do I get this look? Soft waves can be created using curling tongs with thicker diameters or a large-diameter conical curling iron. You may also like to use sea salt spray to add texture to your hair. Apply hairspray for more hold.


Braids are another popular hair style for women with long hair. These braids should be full of volume, slightly tousled and tied at the bottom. These tousled braids are the result of the use of texturising cosmetics, which make the hair look tousled, bouncy and fuller. To create even more volume you may like to tease your hair with a special comb before braiding it.


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