Top gambling locations in the world for travelers/gamblers

People travel the world for different reasons but some are interested in how other countries do their gambling. Gambling is a worldwide phenomenon old as time itself, so you can imagine how different countries have developed different affinities for it. If you’re interested in finding the best spots on the globe for gambling then read on.


Las Vegas

You surely had to see this one coming from a mile away. Las Vegas is one of the must have locations on your bucket list as a gambler and you can’t afford to miss out on all the fun you can have in the legendary city known for its luxurious hotels, top notch gambling facilities and of course top tier entertainment from boxing matches to musical performances.






It’s not just the American soil that can host amazing gambling opportunities. One of the biggest cities for gamblers is actually located in China. Macau is quite a special region in the country, similarly to Hong Kong, and provides numerous gambling opportunities for its inhabitants and visitors alike. You see, many of the top gambling establishments in the world are all crammed up in Macau, or the Macau peninsula to be more exact. There is also Taipa Island which is connected to the main peninsula, and this part also hosts some great casinos.





Atlantic City

If you like your gambling a little bit closer to the ocean, you can try out New Jersey’s Atlantic City. This is another top destination for those that want to have fun, travel and gamble at the same time. If it serves for any “street cred” the city has been the inspiration for the Monopoly board game.  The city has 8 casinos put at your disposal, and even thought it might not be exactly the enchanting location it once was, it still has a lot to offer.






Las Vegas isn’t the only location in Nevada that is worth your attention if you’re looking for a good time gambling. Reno is also in the area and it serves as a little safe haven for those that don’t want to be too close to Las Vegas but don’t want to be too far from it either. Reno is a rather small city but it is referred to as The Biggest Little City in the World, which is a testament to its “big” activity within such a small radius. It hosts 21 casinos and one of them is bound to be your new favourite spot. It’s definitely a different experience than Vegas, but at the same time it has something familiar too.





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