Tourist-Favorite Destinations in the Seychelles Paradise

Off the coast of East Africa, in the warm seas of the Indian Ocean, are the lovely islands that makeup Seychelles. Although the archipelago is a tropical, opulent honeymoon hotspot, this island nation shows that it is much more than that, thanks to its stunning scenery, plentiful wildlife, and vibrant culture. Seychelles, Africa continues to attract tourists from around the globe.

Although getting to Seychelles is neither simple nor inexpensive, the vacation is unquestionably worthwhile, and you won’t look back.

Here are a few of its islands’ top and most well-liked activities.


Praslin’s Vallée de Mai

On the island of Praslin, there is a breathtaking wildlife preserve called Vallée de Mai, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This historic reserve, which has over 4,000 fabled Coco de Mer trees and the only remaining remains of Seychelles’ original palm rainforests, is frequently referred to as the “Garden of Eden.”

Ask the locals about the legend surrounding the female tree, which produces a heart-shaped fruit resembling a woman’s pelvic region and has the most significant and heaviest seeds worldwide. Be on the lookout for unusual birds like the Seychellois bulbul and the endangered black parrot.

Victoria Bazaar

The Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke Market, often known as the Victoria Market, is the most well-known market in Seychelles. It is located in the nation’s capital, Victoria. The market’s vibrancy designates it as the open center of the city and demonstrates how the traditional and contemporary Seychellois ways of life coexist. The bazaar is held on Market Street every Friday, and Bazar Labrin, held on Beau Vallon Beach every Wednesday and the last Saturday of the month, are two other markets worth mentioning.


Mahé Island routes for hiking

Mahé Island, the largest island in Seychelles, has several charming nature trails that go through exquisite settings with abundant fauna and breathtaking vistas of the entire island. The Morne Blanc Trail is another stunning hike with vistas that make up for its challenging terrain; it takes around 45 minutes for one trip. The Anse Major Trail is a leisurely, one-and-a-half-hour stroll that will take you through incredible rock formations.

Island-hopping cruise

If you have the time, an island-hopping boat tour is a sure thing to do because you can’t go wrong with it (and the money). Many boat companies provide full days with lunch where you can visit islands, including Cousin Island, Curieuse Island, and St. Pierre, for people who are short on time. For those with extra time, we suggest choosing a few islands and spending a few days on each one so you can thoroughly explore and get a sense of each one.


Beaches in Seychelles

Drive or trek amongst countless beautiful beaches. Each island in Seychelles is covered in breathtaking coastlines and tucked-away coves, making the beaches perhaps some of the best in the world. Near resorts are some of the most beautiful beaches on the islands.

Beautiful granite boulders with great lengths of white sand may be seen at Anse Georgette. Stronger waves and beautiful sunsets may be found in Anse Lazio. Visit the Anse Source d’Argent and Anse Cocos beaches on La Digue, and the Anse Intendance, Beau Vallon, Anse Louis, and Petite Anses on Mahé.

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