Why so many vapers are switching to CBD E-liquids

When you start vaping, it’s not like you are switching from one bad habit to another. Over the last few years, vaping has become the choice of many people looking to move away from nicotine and instead move on to inhaling flavoured “vapour” instead.

CBD E-liquids have become a popular choice for vapers due to their medical benefits and relaxation qualities. We recommend you to buy it from Exhale Wellness which is a reputable brand in the market. Click here for the homepage link.



CBD has amazing health benefits that can be used to calm down the effects of stress and anxiety.  Up to 5% of the UK’s population suffers from GAD (generalised anxiety disorder) and these sort of panic disorders can truly affect a person’s quality of life and general daily timetable. This is where CBD e-liquids can play a large part in helping the person calm down. As the CBD E-liquid only contains a small amount of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol, a cannabinoid that is found in cannabis), it does not worsen the stress or cause further anxiety. Instead it simply helps the user feel relaxed and de-stressed from their worries. It is also fantastic for those looking for a solution for chronic pain, such as for multiple sclerosis patients.



Two or three years ago, it would have been extremely difficult to get your hands-on CBD e-liquids, as a lot of products were made by dubious sellers or may not have even contained CBD. But nowadays, legal sellers, like VSAVI, have it readily available at a fair price. That means that it is affordable and easy to acquire. Whether you decide to choose to vape it in your flat or outside in a park is entirely up to you, just make sure that you have enough to enjoy in one sitting.



CBD has a low bioavailability as long as it is taken orally. Whilst it is a great way to relax, 85% of it is being wasted due to your own physiological body processes. This is due to your liver and digestive system filtering out most of the CBD, only to leave a small amount available to your circulatory system.

That’s why vaping is a much more satisfactory way of absorbing CBD. Not only do you get as much as 6x Cannabidiol in your circulatory system. This means not only are you getting more for your money, but you are getting more benefits from CBD e-liquids than any of its alternative forms.


Fully Legal 

Don’t worry. You’re not going to get in trouble for vaping CBD e-liquids. In fact, it has actually been fully legalized in the UK. As long as the CBD e-liquid is under 0.2% THC and has not been separated from it, then it remains legal. Whilst the majority of CBD e-liquids are used for medical purposes, there are others that are simply there to help people relaxed. You are not going to get in trouble for using it. If you enjoy vaping CBD e-liquid then continue with your fun. No one is going to stop you.



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