3 Alcohol-Free Methods of Relaxation to Try This Year

During the last few hours of the day, the only thing on our minds is unwinding. However, if you’ve started to realise that the main or only way you can achieve relaxation is with a glass of wine, beer, or spirit in hand, it might be time to find alternate methods of relaxation.

In the UK, residents are encouraged not to consume more than fourteen units of alcohol per week. Yet, it can quickly become a crutch to self-medicate our minor (and major) issues leading to excessive consumption.

But the relaxation we feel is temporary, and having a glass of booze in hand each time we come to relax can damage your long-term health. Fortunately, many alcohol-free relaxation methods exist, from practising self-care to enjoying alcohol alternatives like CBD drinks. We list some of our favourite ways below:


Experiment With Non-Alcoholic Beverages

On the market today, hundreds of non-alcoholic beverages rival traditional alcoholic drinks that not only taste good but don’t make you feel out of place if you’re at a social event. As well as being pleasing to the palate, non-alcoholic drinks help to hydrate you instead of dehydrating, allow you to recover post-workout, encourage better sleep, and reduce anxiety.

Some of the most popular non-alcoholic beverages are zero-percent beer, virgin cocktails, fruit juices, carbonated soft drinks, coffee, herbal tea, and CBD drinks. CBD drinks have experienced a surge in popularity over the past few years, including everything from CBD tea or coffee to CBD kombucha.

Consider learning more about CBD drinks by visiting the website of providers like The Good Level. As well as supplying a range of CBD drinks, they retail a range of innovative CBD-infused products, from clay masks and lotions to oils and gummies. Browse their complete product range on their website or contact them directly for specific enquiries.


Run Yourself A Bath

Baths are a common way to unwind after a long day at the office. Get yourself in the mood for relaxation (and sleep!) by running a long bath a couple of hours before you go to bed. Heighten the soothing atmosphere by lighting candles, playing music, using bath salts or oil, and laying your dressing gown on the radiator, so it’s warm for when you get out.

Once you get out of the bath, carry on the relaxation routine by using lotions, body creams etc., to make yourself feel luxurious before climbing into bed and enjoying the sensation of the sheets sliding against your newly softened skin.


Read A Book

Another good way to relax without pouring yourself a glass of something is by settling down on the sofa or bed with a good book. We know it can be tempting as soon as the time arrives to relax to pull out our phones and start scrolling, yet this activity isn’t as relaxing as it may seem, so if you can put down the phone and pick up a book.

To encourage you further, you could consider leaving your phone in the next room or putting it in aeroplane mode so that you can focus your full attention on the book in your hand and escape into the literary world it presents.


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