4 Essentials You Need in Your Home Garage

If you’re handy with a tool kit and you like to do DIY projects or fix up cars in your spare time, then your garage is probably the best space to set up. If you’re thinking of turning your garage into a workspace for your DIY crafts and repairs, here are four essential things you should consider:


  1. Lighting Up Your Space

Having good lighting is vital when working in a garage. Not only can it help ensure your safety by giving you better visibility of what you’re working on, it can also help to prevent time consuming mistakes that could be caused by poor lighting. Investing in an inspection lamp might be useful to help add to the overhead lighting, which is unlikely to help you see into an engine bay or beneath a vehicle if you’re doing car repairs.


  1. Getting Tooled Up

Whether you plan to use your garage for carpentry, building things, DIY car repairs or painting projects, you’ll need tools for your garage. We recommend buying an air compressor to make using your tools much quicker and easier. For example, it can power a spray gun to paint furniture flawlessly and it can be used with an air ratchet tool to make removing bolts when doing a tune-up on your car.


  1. Good Storage

Once you’ve got all the equipment you need, you’ll need somewhere to store them to keep them organised and in easy reach. A sturdy work bench is the first thing to invest in as well as a free-standing shelving unit for your medium and large tools and a tool cabinet or drawers to store your hand tools. Also, a wall rack with hooks is handy for hanging brooms or extension cords and great for maximising space.


  1. Staying Safe

If your garage is used for more than simply storing your car, you should make sure you have all the right safety equipment in place. Prioritise items like safety goggles, gloves, a flashlight and a first aid kit – they’re inexpensive but vital for staying safe when working in your garage.

Other safety items to consider include a fire extinguisher or if you work on cars, jack stands or a car lift can help you do that safely. Even something as simple as a garage stool can help you work in comfort and prevent you from getting a bad back.

Make sure you consider these four essentials when setting up your home garage and you could be enjoying the perfect space to get all your home DIY projects started.

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