5 cool chauffer driven cars in the UK

UK is synonymous with opulent aristocracy, and chauffeured cars are in integral expression of the same. Chauffeur services in the UK encompass fleets of some of the most luxurious and elegant cars from across the globe. Here’s a look at the top chauffeur driven cars in the UK, the ones that make the road a red carpet.

Mercedes S600 and S600 Pullman

An epitome of comfort, style and safety, the Mercedes S600 is a heartthrob of chief executive officers from the biggest multinationals of the world. Being the flagship of the iconic Mercedes brand, the S600 has been setting standards of luxury since 1954, and packs unbelievable ride quality with unsurpassed comfort inside. This is the ride that showstoppers crave for!

The Mercedes Benz S 600 Pullman This is the diplomat’s choice, and quite obviously so because of the lengthened wheelbase. Spacious luxury finds the most opulent expression in the form of this vintage beauty of the roads. This car has been, and continues to be the ride of choice for heads of state and international ambassadors, courtesy the ease with which it allows the passengers to engage in discreet meetings. The Pullman provides an assured barrier of sound and sight between the driving area and the seating area for the passengers, which justifies its popularity among diplomats.

Rolls Royce Phantom 

Having been at the forefront of defining British aristocracy for several decades now, Rolls Royce Phantom is an automatic entry in any list of the most popular and coveted chauffeur cars in UK. A 26 speaker sound system, a refrigerator, a wholesome entertainment system, and umbrellas in the rear doors – that’s just the beginning of what the Rolls Royce Phantom surprises you with. Donald Trump, Simon Cowell and Alan Sugar are just a few of the international money magnets that own this wonder car. Their popularity as the chauffeur car of choice for prestigious wedding functions in the UK has never waned.

Maybach 62 

Refines luxury has a second name, and that’s Maybach 62. This super car has some of the most extraordinary luxuries for automobiles housed in the awe inspiringly beautiful frame. A massaging chair, silver service champagne set, wholesome entertainment system, and a road performance that gives you the sensation of a swim through air – all these are some of the specials benefits that you get with a chauffeured Maybach 62.


Bentley Continental Flying Spur 

Be it a night at the most happening nightclub in London, a celebrity gathering, a football league final game, or any mega event where cameramen are drooling over the first clicks of men and women of repute arriving at the venue, the Bentley Continental Flying Spur is a killer car for all occasions. Its bold and beautiful presence on the road is guaranteed to make heads turn, although you might feel envious of the car taking away a part of the limelight. No wonders this is the ride that sports stars and their wives love to take when in UK

A chauffeur service is not the easiest of businesses to maintain and manage. Firstly, the core tangibles involved in the service delivery are super luxury cars that can break the bank for any business!

The price tag of the cars showcased above as you can imagine are big and damage to them would hurt any chauffeur service financially. Not only do they need to cover the car but what’s inside it too – including celebrities!

You might be wondering what sort of insurance do these chauffeur businesses need? many offer celebrity carriage coverage as well as free public liability up to £3 million.

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