Top 10 Supercars From 2019

Here at Cool Things Collection we love supercars and in 2019 we’ve seen many of the big players move to twin-turbo V8’s and V12’s engines. So, what are the new supercars of this year? Here are the 10 best supercars of 2019 along with videos for each…


McLaren GT

Of course, we have to start this article with the brand-new McLaren GT. The stunning new GT car, made for the casual person, that I guess… likes to play golf and loves to cruise around the hills of Monaco. It’s main selling points are more space and more comfort – but not only does it have to be fast, but making it smooth too, what could be better? The vehicle does still hold its 4.0L V8 Twin-turbo, however the torque curve has been altered to fit a grand tourer, so it’s more linear and progressive.

Ferrari 488 Pista

Moving on to Ferrari – with the new addition being the Pista, a sort of improved and lighter version to the 488 GTB. Ferrari managed to shave off 90 kilograms, bearing in mind the car produces a crazy 710hp, which can do 0.62mph in under 3 seconds – the figures are getting more unreal each year. It also brings a new aerodynamic body, with the hood that sloops down to the floor. Although it lost the naturally aspirated V8, it still has character with the twin-turbo.

Bugatti Chiron

The reputation Bugatti hold with its predecessor, the Veyron series – as there was so many variations, like new special one-off colours and the SS. The Bugatti Chiron still holds its huge 8.0L W16 that produces a staggering 1,500hp and can reach up to 288mph – which is mind-boggling just processing that. That comes with a price tag, which isn’t cheap – the car would set you back $2.6 million, around £2 million. That price is just for the car, optional extras are added on.

Aston Martin Vantage AMR

Aston Martin being the classic car maker for James Bond – the most famous being the DB5. The new Vantage brings you the most charismatic 4.0L V8. The engine gets to 0-60mph in 3.9 seconds which is made by Mercedes AMG. The car is beautiful to look at with it sitting very low to the grown, it’s your daily driver as it’s such an economic engine but also has a split personality, meaning it can change as give you a racing experience.

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

New to Lamborghini’s fleet of the Aventador series is the SVJ, which stands for “Super Veloca Jota”, which pretty much means “Superfast” – Italian’s have the best sounding language for basic English words. The thing that makes this car different than an SV is the design and Lamborghini squeezing as much as they can from the 6.5L V12, which is now generating 760bhp and 532 lb ft of torque – which is Lamborghini’s fastest V12 road car ever made. Supercars like the Aventador of course are super expensive – but you can always supercar hire.

Mercedes AMG GTR

The £150,000 car that, in my opinion holds its value as this car looks and sounds just like what you picture an AMG to sound like. As Mercedes V8 AMG engines are always design to have that deep, mature sounding sound to them, the GTR takes it a step forward – especially with performance in mind that the GTR produces 577hp and 516 lb ft of torque, which is all you need from a car this mesmerising and sleek. It’s the ultimate addition to the Mercedes AMG fleek

McLaren 720S

Moving back to McLaren, the new jaw dropping speed that the 720S has – the mid-engine 4.0L V8 supercar 710bhp and with its aerodynamics and lightness makes this updated addition from the 650S and MP4-12C a whole new feeling to the car – the supercar, which is a close to becoming a hypercar from its older brother, the P1. For a price of £200,000 that holds a close performance spec to the £900,000 hypercar, I could say it’s a good deal, but it’s still a price of a house outside of the City of London.

Lamborghini Hurácan Evo

The Aventador’s younger sibling, the Hurácan. The Hurácan Evo which still holds the 5.2L V10 from previous generations. The updated changes and additions that make this the “Evo” is its new aerodynamics and the torque and for the first time the Hurácan has gotten rear wheel steering. The big changes is the produces hp which is now 631bhp that can reach 202mph and with 443 lb ft of torque.

Ferrari F8 Tributo

Back to Ferrari, the mid-engine 3.9L V8 Tributo that produces a crazy 710bhp, especially with its similar looking aerodynamics to the Pista – what makes this car different compared to the Pista is Ferrari’s focus for more comfort and drivability with that kind of tuning it can compete with its rival, the 720S.

Koenigsegg Jesko

Koenigsegg being known for their outrageous designs and performance figures – example being its One:1, which has been classed as a Megacar. The Jesko on the other hand can reach 300mph, on paper that is. The Jesko is powered by the new 5.0L V8 that produces 1,280hp. It will for sure be a competitor to future road cars.

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