A Guide to Selling Your Old Car for The Best Deal

The process of selling your car can be a daunting task but if you follow the key points listed below you won’t go wrong, you’ll be able to stay safe and sell your car faster.  In this guide, we will share a few tips and points to keep in mind when wanting to sell your old car.

So before you consider selling a car for scrap, read our guide and get a good deal for it instead.


Prepare Yourself

Assemble all the necessary paperwork, like V5C, MOT certificate, and service history for an interested buyer to view. Prospects may want to look at details like the address of the V5C and the mileage number on the most up-to-date MOT certificate.


Make Yourself Aware of Scammers

Be alert and always meet the buyer. A buyer with good intentions will always ask to see the car before paying. Before this meeting ask the potential to give you his/her direct line, like their landline number, mobile number, and complete physical address. This will give you confidence, as a genuine buyer will provide these details without hassle.

When the potential buyer comes through be mindful that you have to supervise the potential buyer closely to make sure that he or she does not tamper with the car, trying to make it seem there is a mechanical glitch that could impact the price you sell it for.


Test Drive Together

Always go with the buyer on a test drive, don’t let them go alone. Check that they have their driver’s license on hand on the day they’re expected to test drive. Also, double-check that they have an insurance cover that covers the car should anything happen during the test drive. This will protect you from being responsible for any possible damages which may occur.



Keep the car in your possession, including the car keys, all car documents until you have been fully paid and payment had cleared on your bank account.


Getting the best deal

Most sellers don’t know that they can get the best deal for their car from a dealership that specialises in their particular car model. More especially if the car is less than 6 years old and has a mileage reading of less than 60 000 miles on its clock.

Contrary, if you plan to partly exchange a Ford at a BMW garage, you’ll get a bad price, simply because the dealer will not be able to sell the Ford on his BMW forecourt. This is because the dealer will have to offload the vehicle through an auction, which will cost the dealer money, which means the dealer will give you a small cut.

It’s also worth noting that a car dealer may be less attracted or more attracted to your car depending on time. If for example, if they have cars in their showroom that are similar to yours, chances are they won’t give you a good deal. On the other hand, if they have a customer in line to buy your car, they will give you a good price.  

The point is if sellers don’t shop around for the best buyer. The seller can’t be certain they’ll get the best deal. This means if you only get one quote request before selling you’re missing out on the best deal.


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