Do Your Running Shoes Fit the Way They Should?

Wanting a new pair of running shoes and actually finding the right pair of running shoes for your needs are not always the same thing! It is absolutely vital that your running shoes should fit you properly, not only to ensure your comfort, but also your safety during your chosen activities. Shoes that fit right will prevent your feet from chafing and developing blisters, while protecting your feet and joints from impact-related injuries. The money you spend on running shoes is an investment, so make sure you do enough research before committing your money to the wrong pair of shoes. However, help is at hand. For example, a Nike shoe store in Australia could have just what you need – but what do you need?

Let’s go through how to find a pair of shoes that is right for you.


How big are your feet?

And there is a calculated reason why I specifically did not ask about your shoe size! Many people believe that once we stop growing, out feet stay the same size forever. This is however not necessarily true, as many things can occur during a lifetime that could affect the size of your feet.

Consider how feet increase in length as they become flatter, or conversely, there are people with high arches who have reported their arches pulling even higher over time. This has a shortening effect on the feet, and people like this might find themselves needing shorter shoes than before. Injuries and pregnancies can also alter the size and shape of one’s feet, and although this is not as commonly seen anymore, people (and women in particular) who habitually wear pointy shoes might find the shape of the feet (and their toes in particular) altered over time. It’s a good idea to check and confirm your shoe size before committing to a new purchase.


How can I confirm my shoe size?

There are many easy ways to do this. Try standing on a piece of paper and tracing the outline of your foot. You can then easily measure the length and width, to get an accurate idea of you shoe size.

You can also step onto a sturdy piece of paper with wet feet, and then trace the outline before the water dries. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even paint your foot soles and take imprints!


How do I determine whether my running shoes are the right size?

The size and shape of your foot constantly changes when you run, due to changes in the pressure that is exerted on the foot. Your foot gets bigger with each impact, as your bones and muscles spread out to accommodate the impact. When you lift your foot again, everything goes back to its original, smaller size. Because of these extreme changes that occur during the running motion, the way you fit your running shoes is very different from how you would fit regular, casual shoes.

A good rule of thumb is to get your running shoes half a size larger than what you normal would have. This allows space for your foot to move back and forth, and to expand as much as it needs to while you run. Believe it or not, even the most advanced pair of Nike shoes for sale might not fit the same way while you run as it does while you’re in the store!

Running shoes should also offer a tighter fit around the ankles. This is to prevent the heel from sliding around due to lack of support, and helps to ward off injury.


Wear good socks

Before you start shopping for running shoes, don’t forget to pack the socks you will be running in. How thick or thin these socks are will play a part in the overall fit of the shoe, so try to recreate your real-life situation as much as possible to get the right fit.


Are there any other issues at play?

Bunions, heel spurs and other foot ailments will certainly affect how you experience being on your feet. You could check in at any of the Nike stores in AU to get their professional opinion! If you are still concerned, it could be worth your while to consult a podiatrist before spending a lot of money on new shoes.

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