How e-Cigarette Companies Are Changing Their Product Offering in 2018

e cigarette
e cigarette

If you’re looking to quit smoking this year, e-cigarettes could prove to be a powerful weapon in your nicotine-free journey. Since they were first introduced in the UK in 2013, e-cigs have seen a number of important changes. As new laws and regulations continue to be introduced and changed within the vaping industry, so too do the e-cigarettes we know and love. Here, we’ll look at how e-cigarette companies are changing their product offering in 2018.


Better quality, high-tech designs

Like most things in life, e-cigarettes have benefitted from advancements within technology. The newer e-cigs being released onto the market this year, are set to be some of the best quality, highest-tech designs we’ve seen so far. Top e-cig companies are already releasing newer, high-tech models. The Smok ProColor Base Kit is a fantastic example of how far e-cigs have come. The model features a colourful, high-definition, 1.3-inch OLED screen displaying voltage, puffs, wattage and more. It’s advertised as giving you the best vaping experience.

Smok ProColor Base Kit

The reduction in tobacco popularity has also contributed to more companies focusing upon developing e-cigarettes. Phillip Morris, the Marlboro cigarette giant, has recently revealed he’s quitting the cigarette business to focus on smokeless tobacco products such as e-cigs. It’s likely more tobacco giants will follow suit, paving the way for better quality e-cigs to start entering the market.


Safer, healthier e-cigarettes

One of the biggest changes you’ll see this year, is e-cigs will have a safer, healthier design. Changes in EU regulations, mean that e-cigs now have to have a lower nicotine content than before, and the tanks have to be smaller.

The refill containers you can purchase will also be slightly smaller, with new rules stating they need to be under 10ml. Like cigarettes, health warnings will also be included on the packaging. This means consumers have a much better idea of how e-cigs could potentially affect their health. Currently, there isn’t a huge amount of information out there which can tell us how e-cigarettes could affect the health. However, they are known to be much safer and healthier than cigarettes.

So, the changes we’re likely to see in 2018 regarding e-cigarettes is largely positive. There is some talk of reducing the amount of flavours available. However, for the most part you’ll benefit from safer, healthier and higher-tech models which provide the best possible vaping experience.


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